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Zika Gene Replikin Count at Highest Level Observed

Replikins Ltd. To Begin Testing Zika Synthetic Vaccine

BOSTON, Jan. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Replikins, Ltd. announced today that sequences in the Zika gene have been found to be at the highest levels observed since 1947. Retrospective genomic analysis of the Zika gene shows marked changes in the Zika genome over the past year.

Previous outbreaks of Zika, in Africa and the Pacific, recorded on PubMed since 1947, never had Replikin counts greater than 9.6.  Zika counts in Brazil this year have reached 13.6.  Furthermore, 75% of the current Zika gene counts are greater than 4.0, the count in the recent Easter Island outbreak in 2014.

Replikins has completed discovery on a synthetic genomic-based peptide vaccine-blocker for Zika virus based on the conserved Replikin sequences in the Zika genome. The company will soon begin testing the efficacy of the Zika synthetic vaccine.

Anne Borsanyi, Replikins, Ltd.