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Another Win in the Fight Against Recurrent Prostate Cancer: Dietary Supplement PHC Performs Well in Phase II Clinical Trials

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Interim results from a clinical trial of Prostate Health Cocktail (PHC®) show promise that OncoNatural's over-the-counter dietary supplement may soon become a widely recognized adjunct treatment for prostate disease. Prostate specific antigen, or PSA, was effectively stabilized in more than 83% of study participants. Equally important, PHC demonstrated far less impact on quality of life and physical wellbeing metrics when compared with traditional hormone therapy.

The recent study looked specifically at the problem of men who experience rising PSA levels despite successful treatment of initial prostate cancer. These men face a significant risk of recurrence. In fact, one in five will die from the disease. Unfortunately, the current strategies for dealing with biochemically recurrent prostate cancer represent a difficult risk-benefit analysis. Observation and imaging tests may still catch new tumors too late. On the other hand, proactive hormone therapy brings with it a host of unpleasant side effects. Prostate Health Cocktail may be the answer to this dilemma.

Dr. Jacek Pinski, of the Keck School of Medicine, created the PHC formula, which received a US patent in 2012. Prostate Health Cocktail takes advantage of eight nutrients, all shown in laboratory and clinical research to promote a healthy prostate gland. In the combination and proportion assembled here, they appear to have additional synergistic effect. These ingredients include:

  • Great tea extract
  • Saw palmetto fruit extract
  • Selenium
  • Lycopene
  • Genistein
  • Daidzein
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E

Conducted at the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Southern California, the 4-year PHC study enrolled 40 men with a median age of 67. Eligibility requirements included rising PSA and no evidence of current tumor growth. The treatment regimen consisted of three PHC capsules a day in four-week cycles. Researchers assessed toxicity and PSA levels at the end of the first four-week cycle. Afterwards, assessments were made every two months for up to a year. Anyone showing rising levels of PSA was removed from the study.

Of the 40 men who participated, 15 saw declining levels of PSA at some point during the study, and more than 83% saw their levels hold steady. In the context of traditional hormone therapies and grueling cancer treatments, the side effect profile of PHC revealed by the study is relatively benign. The most common complaint was gastrointestinal discomfort, followed by a few instances of minor weakness, dizziness or pain. These complaints pale in comparison to the possible effects of hormone therapy.

Also known as androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), hormone therapy has long been among the standard treatments for prostate cancer. This approach involves reducing testosterone levels in the body, which results in slower tumor growth; once a patient is in remission, ongoing hormone therapy can reduce the chances of recurring cancer. However, the adverse effects of this treatment can be dramatic, ranging from hot flushes and impotence to anemia and weight gain.

The ultimate goal for Dr. Pinski and his team is to give doctors and their patients a weapon against recurring prostate cancer that's more precise and perhaps even more effective than the blunt hammer of hormone therapy. PHC cannot replace traditional cancer treatments, such as radiation, chemotherapy and surgery, but ideally it will make possible a more hopeful long-term prognosis for men with biochemically recurrent prostate disease.

Final and complete results are still awaiting publication, although the data so far is encouraging. In the meantime, those interested in learning more about PHC can visit OncoNatural's website: Learn where to buy PHC here:

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OncoNatural is the maker of Prostate Health Cocktail. PHC is a unique dietary supplement formulated especially for men ages 40+. Every capsule contains a unique combination of nutrients, minerals, herbs and vitamins that have been shown to prolong prostate health and combat prostate disease.


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