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Getting Visibility on Wikipedia Becomes Easier

WikipediaExperts Turns Dreams of a Wikipedia Presence into Reality

NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 2010 — Wikipedia, the most popular reference site on the Internet, has nearly 400 million unique visitors each month and is consulted almost 3,000 times every second. It's such a mainstay of our society, that if your company, your product or service, or business isn't on Wikipedia, many would wonder whether it actually exists.

Most businesspeople agree that a presence on Wikipedia is an outright necessity due to its capacity to increase online visibility. However, most companies find there is too much involved in creating and updating a professional Wikipedia profile, due to its strict rules and guidelines.

This is where comes in.

Recently launched by KMGi, WikipediaExperts™ is a fast-growing network of professional Wikipedia editors who offer Wikipedia article writing, posting, monitoring and repair services. The experts who join the network agree to abide by a strict Code of Ethics and Wikipedia's content inclusion criteria.

"You cannot leave editing of your Wikipedia profile to your competitors or dilettantes," says founder of WikipediaExperts Alex Konanykhin.

The service is surprisingly affordable, with only $295 for article creation and posting, and only $99 per month for continuous monitoring and maintenance.

"We believe that corporate financing of neutral, notable and verifiable content by ethical experts facilitates the growth of Wikipedia. We also spend much of our time and revenues for developing Wikipedia content of common interest, free of charge," says David Barberi, COO of

For more information about WikipediaExperts, visit or contact Alex Konanykhin at (212) 216-0001 or Email.

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