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Vidanta Foundation and Daniel Chavez Moran Presenting Sponsors for the 30th Anniversary Gala Celebration of the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington

WASHINGTON, June 5, 2012 — The Vidanta Foundation and Daniel Chavez Moran are Presenting Sponsors for the 30th Anniversary Gala Celebration of the Inter-American Dialogue, scheduled to take place on June 7, 2012 at the Organization of the American States (OAS) in Washington, D.C.

The Gala of the Inter-American Dialogue will recognize the center's past accomplishments and launch the next 30 years of shaping the policy debate for action between the US and its partners in the Western Hemisphere.

The Vidanta Foundation and Daniel Chavez Moran share the honor of being the highest donor for the 30th Anniversary Gala with Corporacion Andina de Fomento (a Latin American development bank), contributing in this manner with the Dialogue's mission of promoting a better understanding among the nations of the Western Hemisphere.

The evening will feature a distinguished roster of dinner speakers, including the president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos (via live webcast); Robert Zoellick, president of the World Bank; Ricardo Lagos, former president of Chile; Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington; Xavier Becerra, U.S. Representative from California; and Ray Suarez, PBS NewsHour.

The Vidanta Foundation's main objective is to actively combat poverty in Latin America by influencing the formulation of public policies designed to strengthen democracy, promote economic and social development and reduce social inequality. The Foundation is a non-profit institution based in Mexico, entirely self-financed with resources contributed by the member shareholders of the companies comprising Grupo Vidanta in the fields of construction, tourism and real estate.

The Inter-American Dialogue, a U.S. center based in Washington, brings together both private and public leaders from countries throughout the Americas for policy analysis, exchange and communication on hemispheric issues. The Dialogue's focus is to build cooperation among nations of the Western Hemisphere and to pursue a regional agenda that includes democratic governance, social equity and economic growth. The Dialogue's membership includes 100 distinguished citizens from countries throughout the Western Hemisphere, including political, business, academic, media, and other nongovernmental leaders.

About the Vidanta Foundation:

The Vidanta Foundation is a non-profit institution whose primary aim is the reduction of poverty in Latin America through the promotion of economic development, social sciences and culture. The Foundation began its activities as the Daniel Chavez Moran Foundation, then renamed the Grupo Mayan Foundation, in 2005. As of May 1, 2008, the foundation adopted the Grupo Vidanta Foundation name in order to better reflect the numerous institutions comprising the Grupo Vidanta. The name was simplified in November 2010 to the Vidanta Foundation. Learn more at

About Daniel Chavez Moran:

Daniel Chavez Moran, now retired from the development of hotels and resorts, founded Grupo Vidanta in 1974 after graduating from The University of Guadalajara with a degree in Civil Engineering. He retired in 2005 to found Fundacion Vidanta (originally named Fundacion Grupo Mayan) and focus on philanthropy. Chavez Moran is also the founder of Fundacion Delia Moran A.C., which is focused on helping children grow up in a healthy environment. While no longer active in Grupo Vidanta itself, Chavez Moran's efforts in the non-profit sector help promote the name of the companies he originally founded.


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