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Versatile iBoss Web-Filter Adds Unmatched Support of eDirectory Environments

The iBoss Enterprise's integration of eDirectory joins its growing list of other innovative features

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 1, 2009 — Phantom Technologies is excited to announce that it has expanded the authentication capabilities of its iBoss Enterprise Web Filter to fully integrate with Novell eDirectory multiplatform environments. This upgrade allows the iBoss Enterprise to perform enhanced transparent, single-sign-on authentication without requiring any clients to be installed on the eDirectory server or on individual computers, unlike other filtering solutions on the market.

Already supporting transparent authentication with Active Directory LDAP and filtering by MAC address, the iBoss Web Filter's integration of Novell eDirectory makes it the most versatile web filter currently available. The iBoss in fact takes its support of eDirectory to the next level by integrating directly with eDirectory's native libraries in order to receive real-time events from the eDirectory server. This push technology reduces overhead on the eDirectory server and provides real-time authentication of users, preventing any chance of a new user gaining access under a prior user's credentials.

"What really sets the iBoss's integration of eDirectory apart from competing filters is the fact that it will not simply cache the directory on a schedule to track credentials, but it will accurately track user credentials by verifying when each user signs on and off their workstation. This level of integration avoids misidentification of users due to time gaps between synchronization intervals, which is common with competing filters," says Mike Crawford, VP of engineering for the iBoss Enterprise Web Filter line.

The iBoss Enterprise's innovative support of eDirectory joins an already rich feature set that includes the first-of-its-kind DMCR function, which provides extensive tools to monitor, control, and record user desktops; an easy-to-navigate graphical user interface; robust Internet traffic controls; a total network traffic analyzer; and a live, real-time database feed to ensure the most accurate filtering possible.

Phantom Technologies' iBoss Web Filters offer software-free Web-filtering solutions for the home, small business, and corporate environment. Designed in the U.S. using proprietary engineering, the iBoss is the most advanced, easy-to-use Web filter available on the market today.

The iBoss Enterprise can be purchased directly from Phantom Technologies at or one of its resellers.

For more information, please contact Marisa Salzman, Director of Marketing, at 877-742-6832, x 7807, or Email.

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