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Vermont Novelty Toaster Brings Home the Magic of Artisan Toast With Custom Images

For the first time, individuals and small businesses will be capable of toasting their art, logos and even photos of themselves onto bread with no minimum orders or setup fees

SAINT JOHNSBURY, Vt., May 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation announces today custom images on toast are now easily available with a couple clicks from their website. For the first time, individual consumers and small businesses are able to buy toasters which toast their art, logos and even photos of themselves on bread with no minimum orders or setup fees. According to the company's President, Galen Dively, "This is a first in the novelty toaster world. Before, setup fees and large minimums effectively limited personalized toasters to larger companies, corporations and individuals with deep pockets. We are creating a whole new market; personalized impressions on toast available to all."

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This has been a goal of the company for several years now. "We finally acquired the machinery needed to make it happen," says Mr. Dively, "and our staff has been perfecting the process of transforming art and photographs into our CAD program for use with the CNC plasma cutter." All work is done at the company's warehouse in Vermont.

One of the new products available is their Toasted Selfie. "Yes, you don't have to be famous or Jesus to have your face on toast," Galen boasts, "This can be done with your pet's image also; or your grandkids."

With no advertising or promotional materials, the company last month introduced these new innovations on their website at "We immediately got interest and orders." Galen states, "The response was great. Not only have we sold many custom images to individuals, we are filling an order this week with the Philadelphia Folksong Society for one hundred toasters. This was not possible until now." They are now confident enough in the process to start an advertising and promotion campaign to bring these new products in front of consumers who otherwise have not visited their website.

The addition of their CNC plasma cutting machine allows not only small order personalized toasters but the freedom to expand their stock images available for purchase. "Gone are the days it cost me $1500 just to add one new design to our catalog," Galen explains, "we are now limited only by our creativity."

About Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation
Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation,, creates and markets Burnt Impressions brand novelty toasters. They were founded in a barn off a dirt road in North Danville Vermont. Their Jesus toaster has achieved a fair amount of media attention and commercial success allowing for expansion and innovations. They are now located at a warehouse in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont where they strive to bring consumers beyond their normal toasters with images on toast. The company accepts many forms of cryptocoins including Bitcoins on their website.

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