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An Unconventional Guide to Raising Super-Special Children

When Doctors, Medicines, Prayers and Tears Don't Help an Autistic Child

RED LION, Pa., April 21, 2010 — Howard Rodgers remembers the day his son was born. His mind was teeming with positive thoughts about how this small child would change the world.  Then, reality came back – for a very long visit. His son was diagnosed with one of the worst cases of autism doctors and specialists had ever seen.

The Rodgers family spent the next sixteen years engaged in a tireless crusade to find everything available to improve their son's condition. Wanting to help other parents of special needs children he wrote "Raising Superman!: Autism 101" (published by AuthorHouse), the first book in a two-part autism series.

"Raising Superman!" pulls no punches as it teaches readers the essentials of "Autism 101." Going far beyond the typical medical, sensory, diet and behavioral techniques, it is a roadmap to get real results. Written from parents to parents documenting real-life experiences and time-proven results, "Raising Superman!" reveals secrets that have never been previously disclosed and provides direct insight into the priceless things that helped Rodger's son improve, including an amazing herbal treatment that allowed his child to improve his memory, reduce sensitivities, and ultimately develop the power of speech.

As a mentor to others, Rodgers wrote "Raising Superman!" to share the secrets, solutions, strategies and shortcuts so that others may win against their own personal autism challenges, such as:

  • The autism/vaccination relationship
  • Cutting through the red tape for the "must have" services and support
  • Getting medical coverage – when "no" is not the correct answer
  • The herbal treatment he developed that helped his son drastically improve
  • Knowing your rights as a parent of a special needs child
  • Planning, prioritizing and purchasing – what you need and what you don't
  • Tips for getting (and staying) out of debt while caring for an autistic child

Neither a therapy nor medical text, "Raising Superman!" is a "real-life text" containing the best of the best information to help children, families and parents succeed in every aspect of their lives in the battle against autism.

"This isn't your typical wheat-free diet kind of autism book – it's a real parent's guide to raising super-special children," explains Rodgers. "Hold on to your 'sensory and behavioral issues' and get ready for some unconventional ways to navigate one of the wildest rides of anyone's lifetime."

About the Author

Howard Lee Rodgers is a devoted husband and father of six. Born with a rare genetic enzyme deficiency, he struggled to overcome a wide range of medical and physical challenges throughout his lifetime. Very early in life his son was diagnosed with one of the worst cases of autism doctors and specialists have ever seen. As a mentor to others, Rodgers shares a lifetime of experience their family found essential so that others may prevail against their own personal autism challenges. Rodgers is a working professional in the nuclear power industry and resides in Southeastern Pennsylvania with his wife and six children.

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