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UC San Diego Again Offers Workshop on Clinical Trials Administration in Latin America Graduates of Previous Class Created Research Facility in Peru

Graduates of Previous Class Created Research Facility in Peru

LA JOLLA, Calif., April 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The March of 2013 grand opening of the Boca Raton Clinical Research (BRCR) facility in Lima, Peru was a significant event some 3,700 miles away.

The initiation of this new facility in Lima is credited to three University of California San Diego Extension graduates: Aldo Zambrano, Dr. Javier Andrade Barragan, and Dr. Jose Torres Sales. After taking a workshop titled "Clinical Trials Administration in Latin America," the three men were inspired to develop a clinical research site in Peru's capital.

This BRCR's Lima facility is situated in the Miraflores district of Lima where staff conduct clinical trials, patient recruitment and quality assurance assistance with other clinical sites.

UC San Diego Extension is offering the fourth "Clinical Trials Administration in Latin America" workshop that inspired Zambrano, Barragan, and Sales to open the BRCR site in Lima. The intensive workshop will be held on April 22 to 25 at the UC San Diego campus in La Jolla, California. More information is available at the workshop website <>.

This workshop will provide attendees with the opportunity to stay up-to-date on the newest technology and research, while giving the perspective of a cutting edge biotechnology center regarding the dynamic clinical research industry in Latin America.

UC San Diego Extension is proud to be hosting 23 health care professionals from Lima, as well as 7 more participants from different centers in Mexico, who will be attending this event.

Many notable UC San Diego faculty will be speaking at the workshop, including Dr. Leonel Villa-Caballero, program director; Dr. Kevin Patrick, Professor of Family and Preventive Medicine at the UC San Diego, Adjunct Professor of Public Health at San Diego State University and, Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine; and Dr. Hugo Villar, director of Science and Technology at UC San Diego Extension.

Dr. Sergio Guerrero, president/CEO of Accelerium Clinical Research, and director of DIA Latin America along with Zulema Aguilar from Johnson and Johnson will also be speaking throughout the event on topics such as good clinical practices, protocol revision, clinical site productivity and new drug discovery models .

Dr. Laurence Brunton, Professor of Pharmacology and Medicine at UC San Diego, and Dr. Francisco Villarreal, Professor of Medicine at UC San Diego, will lead a presentation that takes workshop participants inside UC San Diego's pharmacology lab.

For more information and enrollment contact Saytel Lopez at (858) 534-9278 or Email.