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UC Berkeley Public Policy Dean Warns "Don't Hang Up!" on Pollsters in New UCTV Prime Video Commentary

"Prime: Vote" Series Also Tackles Campaign Funding and Race in American Politics

LA JOLLA, Calif., May 15, 2012 — When you hear the call, answer it. That's what Henry E. Brady, dean of UC Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy, urges citizens to do when their phone rings with a political pollster on the line. In "Prime: Vote – Don't Hang Up! Why Voters Should Respond to Pollsters," the latest in a recurring series of short video interviews and commentaries on University of California Television's (UCTV) YouTube original channel, UCTV Prime, Dean Brady makes a strong case for average Americans to stay on the line and make their opinions count, especially during an electoral season increasingly dominated by well-moneyed donors and highly paid lobbyists. Professor Brady's video commentary is available on the UCTV Prime YouTube channel and at the UCTV Prime: Vote website.

"Prime: Vote" features informed election analysis and commentary from University of California faculty who use peer-reviewed research to underscore their ideas. Most recently, UC Berkeley professor and executive director of UC's Washington Center Bruce Cain joined UC San Diego's Thad Kousser on "Moneybags: Who's Funding Campaign 2012?" to weigh in on recent Supreme Court cases and other factors that have turned this election into the season of Super PACs.

Premiering May 22 is "Prime: Vote – Embracing Race in American Politics," a commentary from UC San Diego's Zoltan Hajnal, who argues that Republicans and Democrats can bring more minorities to the polls by addressing their specific concerns, rather than ignoring race or crafting campaigns that appeal primarily to whites.

UCTV Prime launched March 1 as the first university-run channel to be included among YouTube's new original channel partnerships with recognizable brands like The Wall Street Journal, Madonna and TED. With documentary mini-series, interviews, commentaries and video shorts each week, UCTV Prime brings to light the innovations, trends, issues and personalities that shape our world, drawing on the tremendous knowledge resources of the University of California's ten campuses, five medical schools, three national labs and other affiliated institutions.

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