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Timer™Organizer, Comprehensive Life Management Tool, Now Available in Paperback at and in E-book Format Everywhere

The author who brought you TimerDiet now gives you easy to manage ideas on organizing your time, belongings, electronics, projects, travel, and more!

PHOENIX, July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Sherri Sue Fisher does it again with TimerOrganizer. Taking a complex topic and turning it into simple to comprehend, easy to follow steps, tailoring each subject to your stage in life, and giving you meaningful advice that you can use in your life—today!

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TimerOrganizer questions what is important to you and why? The weekly assessments are integral to seeing how you are currently spending your time. Once you see how you are currently spending your time and what you want to accomplish, the next step is to figure out the "perfect day" and what that looks like for you! We all have our vision of the "perfect day," and Ms. Fisher helps you to define your vision and to figure out how to make it happen along with an important, yet gentle, dose of reality.

Learning what you must keep in your life is just as important as your dreams. Practical advice on how to integrate your current reality into your vision of your perfect life makes anything possible! Ms. Fisher gives you her expertise on how to organize everything from belongings, electronics, projects, travel, and of course time management that is applicable to every stage in life. In her 50s herself, there are personal stories, business stories, stories about raising her daughters (who are grown and have their own children), and stories from owning a CPA firm for 20 years to help you in understanding why we do what we do, including procrastination, and what to do about it!

TimerOrganizer has a tremendous amount of practical advice, including but not limited to:

  • How to make goals (not the way you have been taught—learn to have both controllable and non-controllable goals and how to know the difference);
  • Daily Timesheet to use when you want to really get the most out of each day, which starts the evening prior, allowing you to easily see your progress by tracking your budgeted time vs. actual and the variance;
  • Project Management when it is just yourself or a group that you manage or a group you are a part of;
  • So much more!

"This is what organization is all about…enjoying your time!" Sherri Sue Fisher, TimerOrganizer

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