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New Thriller Follows the 'Hunter and the Hunted'

John Powell III Tells Story of Murderous Chase in Violent, Erotic Psychological Thriller

PEARLAND, Texas, May 14, 2010 — Nathan Kleinman lives a relatively satisfying life working as a 27-year-old part-time paramedic and head of nightclub security at the Houston dance club Enigma, while indulging his personal passions as a multiple black belt master and well-meaning lothario. He seeks out adrenaline and excitement and makes no apologies for it, until the body of Esteban Ortiz is found brutally beaten to death outside a strip club and Nathan finds himself drawn into a nightmare seemingly of his own making. What unravels is a nerve-wracking chase to uncover the identities of the "Hunter and Hunted" (published by AuthorHouse), in John Powell III's psychological thriller that will have readers rapt until its terrifying end.

Set in present-day Houston, "Hunter and Hunted" is alternately violent and erotic, intertwining violence and desire in a gripping story that redefines the struggle between the hunter and the hunted. From his very first encounter with the Ortiz case, Nathan is able to provide the police with valuable information about the nature of the killer, nicknamed "The Hunter," who kills without weapons, relying solely on his hands and feet in order to prove his personal strength and bolster his psychosis. But Nathan's involvement threatens his own safety and the lives of his many sexual dalliances when The Hunter shifts his attention to the multiple black belt master as his murderous delusions spiral out of control.

The Hunter then zeroes in on three women connected to Nathan. Deidre is a pseudo-girlfriend, Michelle is an acquaintance from their martial arts program, and Holly, Nathan's true love interest, is a nurse and fellow employee at the same club where Nathan works part time as a doorman. The Hunter knows that to reach Nathan, he must work through these innocent women. By the time Nathan discovers the scheme, it's too late to involve the police. He's forced to play the game The Hunter's way. The showdown between The Hunter, who hones his skills as a deadly predator, and Nathan, an expert in martial arts, comes to fruition in this exciting story.

For lovers of psychological thrillers and dense plotlines that unravel at a gripping pace until the final death rattle, "Hunter and Hunted" will not disappoint.

John Powell III is an attorney in Houston with numerous martial arts accomplishments. He holds fourth-degree black belts in aikido and taekwondo, and black belts in hapkido, judo and karate. While completing his undergraduate degree at Southwest Missouri State University, he trained to become a paramedic. He spent five years as an emergency paramedic, after which time he returned to finish law school at the University of Tulsa. Powell worked in private practice, and earned his Master of Laws degree only after the loss of his sight from the contraction of meningitis. "Hunter and Hunted" is his first book.

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