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'The Story of Me': The True Story of Prevailing Over Despair for a Second Chance at Happiness

CLINTON, Md., July 13, 2010 — Surviving incest, neglect, or a failed marriage is enough to send anyone down a path of depression and self-destruction – so just imagine facing all three. In her thought-provoking autobiography, "The Story of Me," author Diane Jones reveals her true story of battling the terror of a childhood filled with incest and abuse from her own father, leaving her family to live in foster care, and suffering through a 13-year loveless marriage. At this point in her life, Jones was so depressed that the idea of suicide was her only solace.

"The Story of Me" follows Jones' struggles from childhood to present day, chronicling what she refers to as "the cycle of frailties of people as human beings." Her story is not one of despair or seeking pity but one of hope for overcoming adversity and making way for a brighter future.

Jones knew that she had a story to tell and had the desire to write her autobiography when she was in her early twenties, although she did not begin writing it until many years later. When asked of her motivation for writing the book, Jones states, "I heard the spirit of the Lord telling me to write, and I immediately sat down to record things I had not thought about in years. I did not struggle, and the words flowed effortlessly – I was truly inspired."

"The Story of Me" is a captivating and inspiring account of a woman able to overcome incest, abuse, and neglect to find a second chance at happiness. It is a story for those who have loved and been rejected, who have dreamt and fallen short, who have survived abuse, molestation, rape, or incest – those who may see or find themselves in Jones' story.

Paperback, 6×9
Approximately 104 pages
ISBN: 9781418417482
$9.50 retail price
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About the author: Diane Jones is a Registered Nurse, ordained minister, and assistant pastor from Stockton, CA. She holds a Bachelor's degree in theology and is co-founder and personal minister of the Equipping the Saints Ministry. Fulfilling roles as a wife, foster parent, praise and worship leader, preacher, teacher, counselor, and many more, Jones currently resides in Clinton, Maryland.

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