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'Telling ED NO!': Eating Disorder Survivor Shares Her Story and Recovery Tools in Groundbreaking Book

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., May 25, 2010 — Cheryl Kerrigan gave 22 years of her life to a destructive and devastating eating disorder before finally finding freedom in recovery. In her new book, "Telling ED NO! and Other Practical Tools to Conquer Your Eating Disorder and Find Freedom" (published by AuthorHouse), Kerrigan shares a story of transformation within the relationship she has with her eating disorder (ED), detailing over 100 successful tools and exercises that helped her and can help others struggling to break free from the shackles of their own ED:

I sit in a dark space, isolated from the world. I have only one companion. When I try to speak, he degrades me. When I try to run away, he catches me. When I try to be happy, he forbids it. He controls my every move. His name is ED … and he is my eating disorder.

It took a painful intervention from her family for Kerrigan to realize the severity of her illness, and even then, she struggled, with ED, to convince herself that she needed help. Finally, she asks for help and enters a treatment facility, all the while ED haunts her mind with thoughts of doubt and disappointment. Eventually Kerrigan emerges with a fresh start to life, but it doesn't come easy. Even while following treatment plans and altering her mindset, she still has to learn to say no to ED, who is constantly telling her to skip meals and go back to the way things were.

"Telling ED NO! and Other Practical Tools to Conquer Your Eating Disorder and Find Freedom" is a powerful book for those struggling to survive an eating disorder. It has the capacity to speak to readers in a new way and help them overcome the perils of body image, depression and self-doubt. Kerrigan further encourages readers toward recovery by presenting them with important tools that worked for her, like getting rid of the scale and transforming ED's rules. Her firsthand experience with this widespread disorder gives her the ability to speak to all women in similar situations who have struggled to break free.

Kerrigan has received praise for her book from a number of authors and professionals. Andrea Roe, author of You Are Not Alone, sums the message of the book up well by saying it "shows us that recovery from an eating disorder really is possible – even after struggling with it for over twenty years. You don't have to live with your eating disorder forever."

Cheryl Kerrigan is an eating disorder survivor and activist.  She is a contributing author to multiple eating disorder recovery books and she blogs at . Cheryl "brings recovery to life" by speaking regularly at schools and treatment centers about her experiences. More information on Kerrigan and her first book, "Telling ED NO! and Other Practical Tools to Conquer Your Eating Disorder and Find Freedom," can be found at

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