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Suns Group Sustainable Fund Sets New Investing Criteria

Fund Managers To Focus Portfolio More Heavily Toward Companies Involved In Green Energy.

OTTAWA, Ontario, March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Suns Group, managers of the Suns Sustainable Fund, today announced a revised set of criteria directing their investment decisions. In future, the fund's portfolio will be more heavily weighted toward companies involved in renewable energy such as wind and solar.

In existence since 2007, the open-ended mutual fund currently holds assets totaling just under $250 million. It invests solely in companies demonstrating a commitment to socially responsible goals such as improving the environment and investing in communities.

"We are pleased that our investment strategy continues to deliver superior results, while at the same time reflecting the socially responsible values of our investors," says fund manager Jemmy Oscar. "Socially conscious investing presents additional challenges. And yet our results to date do speak for themselves."

At the end of the latest business quarter Suns Sustainable Fund reported investments in over 100 publically traded companies including Scottish and Southern Energy Ltd., Johnson & Johnson, Inc., Johnson Matthey PLC and Unilever N.V.

In 2012 Suns Sustainable Fund shares outperformed S&P equity and bond fund benchmarks. During the 12-month period the fund outpaced the broader equity market by 47.34 percent, and the bond market by 72.87 percent. The fund has outpaced the Standard & Poor's stock average for ten consecutive business quarters.

"By choosing to focus more narrowly on the renewable energy sector investors are signaling their concern that the world simply cannot afford to wait much longer for innovative green energy solutions," notes Oscar.

About Suns Group

Suns Group specializes in developing diversified portfolios that control risk yet ensure maximum growth potential. Its skilled investment advisors work with individuals, families, large corporations and government agencies to develop specially tailored strategies that can capitalize on a wealth of investment opportunities worldwide.

Quality research that is recognized industry-wide, plus proven abilities in market analysis, trend identification, risk management and in-depth diversification have enabled Suns Group to deliver superior returns for over a decade. Even in the most uncertain of economic times.

Uniquely, compensation for the Group's fund managers is based solely on performance—not on set fees or commissions. This success-driven formula is a prime reason why the average Suns Group fund outperforms 95% of funds in its class. It is also a factor in the company's continuing growth.

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