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Successfully Implementing Automated Work-in-Process Tracking and Materials Traceability Systems

MILLBURY, Mass., April 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — BellHawk Systems today announced the availability of a new white paper on how to successfully implement automated work-in-process and materials traceability systems.


In this white paper Dr. Peter Green presents the lessons learned by his team in implementing close to 100 of these systems, most of which were successful, but some were not. Then the paper presents a recommended implementation process that has been found to be successful and minimizes the time, risk and cost of implementing these systems.

This white paper is available as a PDF download from the White Paper tab of the BellHawk website at along with a number of other white papers on this topic.

This paper was written because many industrial organizations, such as manufacturers, food and pharmaceutical processors, biotech laboratories, and distributors are still performing these tracking functions using paper forms, Excel spreadsheets, and manual keyboard data entry. This manual tracking is a labor-intensive and error-prone process that typically also results in significant delays in the data becoming available.

The reason that most of these organizations are still using manual data collection methods is that implementing an automated system, using technologies such as barcodes or RFID and wireless mobile computing, appears to be a very complex, time-consuming, and expensive process.

Many of these organizations are, however, finding that they are under increasing pressure to automate these data collection processes because of:

  1. Need to reduce labor costs and prevent operational mistakes.
  2. Need for real-time business intelligence.
  3. Regulatory compliance pressures from Government and their customers.
  4. Need for information integration with customer and supplier systems.

This paper presents a road-map for successfully implementing these automated data collection systems at a cost that enables these systems to pay for themselves in labor savings within the first year. It is available as a no-cost download.

For more information on this News Release, please contact Dr. Peter Green at 508-865-8070 x301 or Email.