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Studio Movie Grill Arlington and Royal Lane Privileged to Host Early Showings of "Interstellar" in Breathtakingly Crisp 70mm Format

DALLAS, Oct. 1, 2014 – Studio Movie Grill is thrilled to announce that its Arlington and Royal Lane locations will be among a select few theaters in the nation to present Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar" on 70MM film. These special showings begin November 4 three days before the film’s national release on Friday, November 7. Advance tickets will go on sale October 1 at

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"The early showings of 'Interstellar' will be truly exclusive events. We're excited to bring our loyal customers an experience that no ordinary multiplex could offer," remarked Studio Movie Grill Founder/CEO Brian Schultz. "In contrast to both digital and 35mm projection, 70MM offers a brighter, clearer image with three times the resolution of most of today's films. Movie buffs who know how increasingly rare a 70MM film presentation is will travel from far and wide to see “Interstellar “as the director intended."

An advocate for the preservation of physical film, Nolan personally requested these 70MM prints of "Interstellar." Each print cost the studio well over $20,000 to create. Since such a small number have been made, only a few theaters in the nation will have the privilege of showcasing the film in this format. Theaters technologically capable of projecting 70MM film are very rare.

A theater with the equipment and expertise to project 70MM film will by default offer a unique and superior experience for the viewer. Paramount Pictures handpicked the locations that would host the early showings of "Interstellar," and Studio Movie Grill Arlington and Royal Lane earned this honor thanks to the company's professionalism and pride in creating memorable movie-going environments for everyone. The 70MM picture will be enhanced by cutting-edge digital sound and an in-theater dining experience that sets a high bar in the industry.

The difference between 70MM film and traditional 35mm begins with the size of the film frame itself. Because the individual frames are twice as large, images on 70MM film do not have to be magnified to the same degree as 35mm film, which give the projected motion picture more detail, color and clarity than is capable with any current format or type of digital projection. This is why 70MM has always been the preferred exhibition format for major event films such as “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Star Wars” and “Titanic”.

Economic and technological changes are steadily pushing the ability to see a movie on 70MM film into "event" status. As of January 2012, digital projection overtook film projection in terms of market share. Today, 94% of movie theaters have undergone digital transition and the opportunities to see a movie on any type film have become rare. Christopher Nolan is part of a vanguard of directors committing their own energy and resources to preserve the film medium, and Studio Movie Grill is happy to support those efforts by offering venues that can still showcase 70MM films.

The custom 70MM projection systems are being supplied and installed by Brad Miller of Film-Tech Cinema Systems, who has a history specializing in 70MM. His personally trained staff of technicians will be responsible for projecting and overseeing every 70MM performance at the SMG locations.

Studio Movie Grill continues to grow by leaps and bounds, cementing its position as a frontrunner in the in-theater dining space. Moviegoers are encouraged to stay tuned for more special events, which will be announced on SMG's Facebook ( and Twitter ( pages.

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