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New SphereChess Ready to Revolutionize the World of Online Chess Play

PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — SphereChess is a frightening new monster. It has the same 64 squares and pieces set up like Chess, but SphereChess pieces and files A-H are arranged concentrically around opposing poles of a sphere. SphereChess ranks 1-8 extend between these poles. SphereChess has no backlines or sidelines.

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God-Like Firepower
A Chess Bishop from its opening position can hit 7 squares. A SphereChess Bishop from its opening position, moving diagonally like its square board counterpart can hit 17 squares, from 2 different directions, i.e. forward or backward through its own or enemy pole  (2 of those squares can be hit from 8 different directions). A Chess Castle can hit 14 squares opening, a SphereChess Castle 21 squares, from 2 different directions, either through or around the poles. A SphereChess Knight cannot be trapped anywhere on a sphere and remains a force to be reckoned with at all times. But there's nothing more terrifying than a SphereChess Queen. This neutron medusa can move as a SphereChess Bishop or SphereChess Castle and has a mind bending footprint.

What The World Knows
With all this insane firepower SphereChess is savagely balanced. Both sides have this sudden God-like capability of attack or defense. Neither side knows how to use it. Yet.  There are no officially recorded SphereChess moves or strategy. No Coaches. No Grandmasters. No computer can even challenge let alone beat a human. Yet. (SphereChess AI is under development – more on this soon). There is no Opening Book for SphereChess. The media has never heard of SphereChess. The world knows nothing about this H-Bomb leap into history. Yet.

Making History
Anyone can download SphereChess and play another human, for the first time in history, at These initial and any SphereChess battles can be saved as Replay Files and emailed to as the World's First ever Officially Recorded SphereChess Games, where they can be downloaded and run.

Astonishing HD 3-D Rotatable Sphere Blitz Interface
PC RELEASE: Even on a creaky old desktop or notebook, the SphereChess App is graphically stunning and astonishingly fast (just right click on it and flick your wrist around); instant, infinitely rotate-able dazzling 3d – and when you make a move online, it has the brutal server response of any world class Blitz Chess Interface. All this, with infinitely Customizable Backgrounds/Pieces/Squares, and – a Transparency mode that gives you See-Through Capability of the Spherical Battlefield (all in dazzling instantly rotate-able 3-D Blitz).

This is what you are looking for. This Game.
To The Chess World
To all the several hundred million Chess Players that are online today, and: to the Next Generation, and especially: To All Future Generations of Mankind: From this date forth, you can play Chess on a square board, or, you can play on this beautiful monster:

We Fight
Like Gods

Antonie Welman