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'Romance in Jamaica': Thrilling New Play Weaves Tale of Young Love, Jealousy and Murder

BRONX, N.Y., May 5, 2010 — Pauline, Tonecia, Marlon and Maurice are young and loving life. They are living in the moment and enjoying their Romance in Jamaica (published by AuthorHouse), the thrilling new romantic play by Pauline Patricia Hong.

These four main characters featured in Romance in Jamaica bring the reader to the city of Portmore Saint Catherine, where the experiences of young Pauline and her best friend, Tonecia, are played out against a beautiful Jamaican backdrop.

Pauline's love is with Marlon but complications set in when she meets her new boss, Michael. As she cares for Michael's daughter she learns the differences between her family and this new family she is quickly becoming a part of, but when Michael's father is killed Pauline's life is turned upside down.

As Hong's characters come together to find out the truth about the murder the secrets they have all been keeping begin to unravel. Betrayals will come to light, hearts will be broken and the reader will discover the price of Romance in Jamaica. Discover more in the pages of this uniquely written new play.

About the Author: Pauline Patricia Hong was born in Jamaica and lived in the small village of St. Catherine, a town where everyone knows everyone. She studied at the Bernard-Lodge all-age school before her parents moved to New York. She went to Mount Vernon High in Westchester County, N.Y.

Hong is the mother of four sons. In addition to caring for her children, she writes songs, books and plays. She is working toward sending her sons to college and hopes to have her songs sung by one of her favorite artists.

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