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Retire on a Cruise Ship? New Concept Creates Boutique Housing Idea for Florida's Seniors

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., Feb. 16, 2009 — Waterfront Lifestyles International, a boutique maritime lodging company, is currently taking reservations for retirement condos on a mid-size cruise ship that will make monthly cruises to the Bahamas.

For less money than many senior independent-living facilities charge, retirees may now live on a cruise ship. Prices for individual condo cabins on the 300-foot Alegria range from $159,000 for a single room to a larger suite for $399,000 plus a nominal "Resident's Care" monthly fee which covers all the operating expenses of the ship including crew, staff, fuel, maintenance, insurance, three meals daily, port fees, the medical center, and housekeeping. A huge difference between a senior care facility and living on Alegria is that the residents actually own the ship.

With the depressed economy the company realizes some seniors may have to put off retiring for a few more years. The company has a program where purchasers may buy their unit right now and rent it until they retire, thus eliminating both the purchase payment and the monthly Resident's Care fee until they actually move aboard.

Alegria will make weekend cruises each month to regional attractions such as shuttle launches, shopping excursions to Palm Beach, and trips to the Bahamas, and once a year it will take a weeklong trip to Central America. All cruise expenses are included in the Resident's Care fee. Residents will only pay for cocktails, casino charges, spa fees, and purchases in the gift shop.

The vessel has most of the same amenities of the larger ships including a spa, workout room, gift shop, cigar bar, night club, dining room, beauty shop, library, and a residents' storage area. The ship has twelve inside cabins that will be used as guest rooms. Owners' friends and relatives can use them at no charge, including meals. Condo ownership includes permanent free membership at a nearby country club for golf and tennis. All staterooms are outside units with picture windows.

The ship will be home-ported in Port Canaveral and operated, managed, and maintained by Marine Growth Ventures, a highly respected ship management company. The port, which is also home to Carnival, Disney, and Royal Caribbean cruise ships, is conveniently located within less than an hour's drive of Orlando and right next to the Kennedy Space Center where residents can go up on deck and watch Space Shuttle launches.

The concept of cruise ship condominium ownership is not new; however, in most cases the existing condo ships offered units for well over a million dollars and remained unaffordable for most people. Alegria will be the first ship to actually allow purchasers to own a roomy stateroom on a mid-size ship for under a half-million dollars.

The developers see mass appeal for the idea from retirees looking for a viable retirement residence as opposed to living in a beachfront condo or retirement community where the scenery never changes. The thought of living aboard a cruise ship has a certain glamour that appeals to a growing number of seniors who want to be on or near water but won't pay the exorbitant prices now demanded for a view. Since each condo owner has an equity share in Alegria they each have a voice in the day-to-day operation and management of the ship.

Waterfront Lifestyles International is a Florida limited liability company formed specifically for the creation of retirement condo cruise ships. While the ship in Port Canaveral is the company's first vessel, it expects to locate additional retirement ships in Tampa, Jacksonville, Palm Beach, and Sarasota.

More information can be obtained by calling toll-free 1-866-WIL-CRUZ (866-945-2789) or going to the website at

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