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Rethink Announces New Tool to Help Teachers Support Students with Behavioral Challenges

NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — School districts across the country are beginning to adopt a new tool that will make it easier for educators to help students overcome behavioral challenges — an impediment to academic progress for students.

Rethink, an education technology company that puts cutting-edge tools to support students with special needs in the hands of educators and parents, announced today a new management and tracking platform that helps teachers improve student behavior. The new mobile-based Behavior Support tool helps teachers to identify student behavior challenges and provide personal attention to students, by eliminating burdensome paperwork and helping teachers customize their behavior invention plans.

"We know that problem behavior significantly disrupts the learning process, and is also a big contributor to staff turnover," says Jamie Pagliaro, Chief Learning Officer of Rethink. "Rethink is pleased to launch its new Behavior Support component, developed by teachers for teachers. This robust toolkit is available to help schools create and maintain a positive classroom environment for all students, and can play a key role in district-wide Positive Behavior Support initiatives."

Teachers with special education students will be able to use the tool to integrate Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports plans and can track time spent on compliance with IDEA requirements regarding behavior support. The new platform provides any teacher with an easy, on-the-go ability to conduct behavior assessments, create effective behavioral support plans, and track intervention success.

The platform also integrates with current Rethink curriculum and provides teachers with a library of instructional videos that can help them create and implement meaningful behavior plans tailored to each student. Teachers are able to collect and analyze information on student progress, which helps them better develop long-term behavior intervention plans and communicate and collaborate with parents.  The platform is available on both tablet and mobile devices, allowing teachers to track progress in real-time as they work with students throughout the class day.

Rethink has been soliciting educator feedback on the platform over the last several months, and the platform will be available to school districts beginning in September 2014.

Rethink is an award-winning research-based program model for supporting students with disabilities in specialized through fully included settings. Our dynamic online solution includes a comprehensive video-based curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards, job-embedded professional development and parent training modules, individualized assessment tools, behavior intervention planning and an IEP Builder – all developed by nationally recognized experts in the field. We also offer data-based reports for school and district leaders to automatically monitor progress with LRE Goals, and a proven implementation support model guided by our team of seasoned educators.

Media Contact: Jenna Talbot