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Release of Powerful New Software ChrisPC Free Ads Blocker Restores Internet Surfers' Freedom and Privacy

CLUJ-NAPOCA, Romania, Sept. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Chris P.C. has released a new major version of ChrisPC Free Ads Blocker, a small but powerful free software that will block all ads while users surf the Internet. They will be able to finally enjoy their Internet browsing time without annoying banners and with no ads while they try to watch a video on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Veoh, Facebook, Flickr, Metacafe,, LiveLeak, Break, NBC, CBS, ABC,,,,,, or other video websites.

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This tool offers back the freedom of the early Internet when users could surf without being literally bombarded with ads that they did not request explicitly. Internet users know Google parses emails automatically in order to generate and display on-the-fly ads with sponsored links that might interest the user. Now they can escape from this super-saturated marketing world and have some privacy really focusing on their desired subject: either for fun/pleasure, education or business.

Therefore by installing and starting this tool users can gain more time for themselves, since they will be in fact disabling distractions prepared by different websites especially for them: pesky adware, announcements, sponsored links, banners etc.

Furthermore, it comes with flexibility; users can choose the moment to start and stop their ad filtering and there is the choice to select the ads' languages to be blocked.

Along with its exceptional key features of blocking annoying banners ads, blocking video ads on YouTube and other video websites, ChrisPC Free Ads Blocker protects the privacy by blocking tracking scripts of ads networks, blocks web counters and improves page loading time while saving bandwidth when users are connected to the Internet via a mobile/cell/3G/4G data network.

The software has support for the major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and comes with a unique feature that lets users choose to block the ads for all browsers or only for a specific one.

ChrisPC Free Ads Blocker is freeware software for non-commercial use, giving users back their privacy and enhancing the Internet experience for free.

About Chris P.C. srl:
Founded in 2003, Chris P.C. srl has developed high-quality multimedia software applications like ChrisPC Free Videotube Downloader, a universal downloader for YouTube videos, VEVO videos and Dailymotion videos.

We as a company are looking now at the future as being our present. Everything has to do with our spirit. Ideas for new products come to embrace our customers' needs.

Sometimes those are pure ideas which make us excited and sometimes these are combined with what we see around us on the Internet.

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