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'Reflections of a Poetic Judge': James J. Brown Releases Book of Poems Dedicated to the Creativity in All of Us

RALEIGH, N.C., April 23, 2010 — Just in time for National Poetry Month in April, Hon. James J. Brown offers readers his new poetry collection "Reflections of a Poetic Judge" (published by AuthorHouse), dedicating his book to the creativity in all of us.

A new voice enters the literary world through the publication of these poems, written throughout a life of purpose and reflection. Brown's poems are simultaneously easy to read and deeply intriguing. He touches the hearts of readers by sharing his past, present and hopes for the future in emotional prose. "Reflections of a Poetic Judge" begins with poems dedicated to his wife, whom he describes as the "love of his life." Like many couples, he and his wife had to watch their children grow up, and watch themselves grow older, and Brown's poetry takes inspiration from this relatable experience. No lover of poetry should pass the opportunity of reading these relatively short meditations on things that really matter – life, spirituality and life's ultimate purpose.

"Reflections of a Poetic Judge" offers a collection of poems that emit compassion for family, friends and self. Brown is a man of faith, and his poems reflect this faith and trust in God, even when times are hard. He writes about the deep love he has for his children and grandchildren.

While many of Brown's poems are deep and touching, a number of them are uplifting and nostalgic. He writes of fall football games, walks in the woods, and his poems about seasons like Christmastime, bring back universal memories of the smell of a fresh pine tree or roasting turkey at Thanksgiving.

"Reflections of a Poetic Judge" combines lessons of life with the pure joys of simple living, being American and honoring God. Brown's eloquent poems range from several pages long to being as short as haikus. But no matter their length, each poem will leave a lasting message in the minds of readers.

During Brown's 37-year legal tenure, with almost 14 years as a judge, he heard and ruled on nearly 8,000 Social Security and Medicare cases in the Eastern District of Carolina. After his retirement, the North Carolina Advocates for Justice honored him with a Lifetime Service Award for his service on the bench. Hon. Brown is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and Boston College Law School. Judge Brown has enjoyed a prolific writing and speaking career. He is a member of the North Carolina Poetry Society; the North Carolina Writer's Network; and an Associate Member of the Academy of American Poets in New York City. Hon. Brown is a Fourth Degree Knight in the Knights of Columbus in Raleigh.

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