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Real-Time Work-in-Process Tracking Methods for Make-to-Order Organizations

MILLBURY, Mass., Nov. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — BellHawk Systems Corporation announces the availability of a new white paper on "Real-Time Work-in-Process Tracking Methods for Make-to-Order Organizations" by Dr. Peter Green. This white paper is available for download as a PDF file from link in the News section at the bottom of the home page.

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BellHawk Systems specializes in providing real-time production, inventory, and supply chain tracking software for make-to-order manufacturers and engineering organizations. This white paper covers lessons learned in nearly 100 implementation projects over the past decade.

This white paper is intended for industrial organizations that:

  1. Make a wide variety of custom and semi-custom products or systems to order, often as part of complex projects for customers.
  2. Have difficulty in keeping track of the real-time status all the materials, purchase orders, work-orders, and deliverables for each customer order or project.
  3. Spend a lot of time answering questions from customers about the status of their orders.
  4. Have difficulty understanding the true labor and materials cost that went into each order.
  5. Need to track materials shipped, delivered, and installed at custom sites and to handle returns and repairs.

These organizations include custom and semi-custom assemblers, processors, converters, mixers, and other make-to-order manufacturers. They include manufacturers of custom kitchen cabinets, windows, doors, office interiors, stone cladding, steel beams and other products that are designed and made for specific building projects. They also include engineering organizations that design and build electro-mechanical assemblies to meet specific customer requirements.

In this white paper we look at some solutions to the challenges of short-run, quick-turn make-to-order and/or engineer-to-order projects that these organizations face. We start out looking at how to use barcode scanning and mobile computer technologies to simply track batches of material and labor hours. We then explore how performing real-time work-in-process tracking for make-to-order manufacturers can become quite complicated when all the requirements are taken into account.

We see how the capabilities of systems such as BellHawk, which are needed to support the special needs of make-to-order manufacturing and engineering organizations, are different from those found in standard ERP, MRP, accounting, warehouse management, CAD or manufacturing execution systems.

For more details about the work-in-process tracking software for make-to-order applications, please contact or call 1-508-865-8070 and press "1" for expert assistance.

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