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Real Bath Salts Are Not for Smoking: SaltWorks Sets the Record Straight

WOODINVILLE, Wash., June 13, 2012 — On the streets it has been called many designer names, from "Tranquility" to "Cloud 9." But it is the household nickname "bath salt" that is causing confusion and concern among legitimate bath salt users everywhere. In fact, according to Mark Zoske, the founder/CEO of SaltWorks®, Inc., people who love to sprinkle his company's sea salts into the tub are now worried these crystalline minerals have something to do with the trendy yet toxic drug, which Forbes recently noted as the country's "deadly new drug with a deceptively innocent name."

So Zoske is setting the record straight, pointing out that the media have consistently omitted an important fact: People are not smoking his kind of bath salts.

"When you hear about 'bath salt' in the news today, there's a pretty good chance the media are referring to the illegal drug that has three powerfully dangerous ingredients: mephedrone, MDPV and methylone," Zoske says. "To be clear: Our premium bath and body salts, which are made with nothing more than all-natural sea salts and fragrant essential oils, are totally unrelated to the potentially lethal drug."

Zoske continues, "I truly thought the impact of the drug's name would just blow over. Yet surprisingly, my 11-year-old nephew just asked me if people were smoking SaltWorks' bath salts. I had to explain that the 'bath salt' he heard about on the news is a drug. Our all-natural bath salts are made from evaporated ocean water and can only be used for bathing, health and wellness."

Even with these all-natural assurances, Zoske has had hundreds of customers asking if his company's bath salts are going to be banned. The answer is a resounding “No.” The U.S. Drug Enforcement Association has currently made it illegal to be in possession of or sell the three ingredients in the "bath salt" drug, and SaltWorks’ natural bath products contain none of these ingredients.

"SaltWorks' bath salts are made of essential oils and sea salt," he says. "They are absolutely not intended for smoking, snorting or injecting. They can be dissolved in a warm tub, and you may soak in them for a leisurely respite in hot water, and to experience the detoxifying and skin-softening benefits of the all-natural sea salts and essential oils. Just like taking a quick dip in the ocean, it is refreshing and rejuvenating.”

For over 11 years, SaltWorks has been making premium-grade bath salts in a factory inspected and registered by the Food & Drug Administration. SaltWorks' bath salts are legal trade and available for purchase — not on the black market, but on the company's website and in high-end store and spas worldwide.

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