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Q-Up™ Networking App Eliminates Privacy and Security Risks of Cloud-Based Transmission

Q-Up Enterprises, LLC seeks investors to market patent-pending app on national, international levels

MINNEAPOLIS, April 11, 2012 — In direct response to the privacy and security concerns related to cloud-based data sharing, Q-Up Enterprises, LLC has developed a first-of-its-kind app that beams pre-selected information directly between smartphones and devices.

"We know that there are a number of popular contact-sharing apps out there," says Q-Up Enterprises' software developer Doug Denny. "But Q-Up is the first of its kind that addresses consumer concerns about cloud-based transmission and data storage. The direct transmission works without Internet service, cloud service, or even knocking phones together."

Q-Up currently works between same smartphone platforms (iPhone or Android). Future versions will be provided in seven additional international languages and with enhanced file capabilities.

Q-Up Plus ($1.99) enables the two exchanging parties to share photo, first and last name, company name, street, city, state, zip, website, home email, work email, home phone, work phone, home fax, work fax and geo-code of location, day, date, and time. Individual data fields can quickly and easily be turned "On" or "Off" by the parties.

For people who want to "test drive" before they buy, a free version is also available. It includes select, valuable information, including photo, first and last name, home phone, cell phone, and email address.

About Q-Up Enterprises, LLC: Q-Up Enterprises develops and distributes the Q-Up smartphone application. This patent-pending app uses a reliable Bluetooth technology to beam contact information between two individual devices. Q-Up Enterprises, LLC is incorporated in Delaware and positioned to become the premiere provider of a direct-transmission smartphone app, based on patented electronic contact data communication between smartphone users.

Investor Opportunity. Q-Up Enterprises is seeking investors to accelerate its international, full-market launch of this proprietary, patent-pending technology. "We're anticipating tremendous interest around the commercial applications of this patented technology," added Denny. "The ideal investor will be eager to support comprehensive efforts introducing Q-Up Plus to national and international markets." Mr. Denny can be reached at: Email.

Device Requirements: Apple iPhone (3G), Android (2.1)

Pricing and Availability: The test drive version of Q-Up is free and Q-Up Plus is $1.99 (USD), both available at the iTunes App store and Android Market.

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