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BROOKLYN, N.Y., May 27, 2010 — In a letter received by Stanley I. Brookoff – the author of the new novel HYPERSPACE (published by AuthorHouse) – from noted French obstetrician, Frederick Leboyer, Dr. Leboyer wrote: "The mistreatment of the New-born is still, practically EVERYWHERE all over the world as criminal as ever." And what does Mr. Brookoff contend is the end result? Unimagined suffering of individuals, teen suicides, or a personality like Jason in HYPERSPACE.

Perhaps the most significant impression left on the brain, hence on the personality, occurs in the first hours after birth. What occurs in that period results in impressions that are inextricably entwined with the actual flesh and blood of the individual, having nothing to do with consciousness, the brain's cortex (responsible for consciousness) not yet being functional. (People with asthma who were strangled with the umbilical cord at birth are a good example.) If those first hours are exceptionally traumatic, the result may be a brain that malfunctions for the remainder of the person's life! According to psychologist Arthur Janov, a well functioning brain is one in which the neuronal pathways are uninterrupted by gating, a process in which the neurons gate (close off message transmission) in order to protect the organism (the newborn) when a trauma is inflicted on it. The individual in question grows up unaware of pre-conscious trauma buried in his or her brain. During puberty, sexual activity opens the neuronal gates causing traumatic pain to surge up and out. The individual then suffers what Janov terms a Primal and usually has no concept of what is occurring, of why he or she feels funny, feels bad, feels like he or she can't suffer this inexplicable suffering … The preponderance of teen suicide is no coincidence.

In HYPERSPACE, Jason is a young man with severe brain problems traceable back to post-birth trauma, an abusive father, indifferent mother and violent, murderous childhood peers. When an alluring, beautiful young woman makes romantic and sexual advances towards him and his boss pressures him concerning his unsuccessful career, Jason's mind transports him back to his childhood to the moment when he "befriends" a twinkling blue star, the North Star Polaris. His "Star Friend" is now the one thing in existence he believes offers him the bliss of paradise he desires and the escape from hellish psychological turmoil he desperately needs. Mentally traveling from his present life back to his childhood, then forward to one year later, Jason becomes unstuck in time. The reader views the ugly truth of serious brain malfunction with all of its existential ramifications: dementia and a nervous system riven with extreme problems exhibiting sexual manifestations. Jason finally decides to travel the Ultimate Voyage. The final destination will shock and chill the reader with a take-your-breath-away ending. Buckle your mind-belts for one hell of a ride!

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