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Provocative New Collection of Testimonies on Hurricane Katrina

Gavin Richard Challenges Readers to Question Events Surrounding Katrina in New Nonfiction

BATON ROUGE, La., May 22, 2009 — Almost four years after Hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans in August of 2005, and forever transformed the makeup, culture and history of the "City that Care Forgot," there are still people missing from their former homes, businesses yet to return, hospital doors that remain shut and a reconstruction effort that seemingly cannot heal the heart of the scarred city. In his provocative new nonfiction book, "Katrina: Eyes Have Not Seen, Ears Have Not Heard: The Story of How an American City was taken Under Siege by powerful forces in Government" (published by AuthorHouse), Gavin Richard challenges readers to question the events surrounding Katrina – the role of racism, capitalism and politics – by chronicling the events that occurred before, after and during this tragic occurrence.

"This book will appeal to readers because the images of the water and the people on their rooftops still ring in our heads," writes Richard. "People sat there in shock when the levees broke and couldn't believe what they were seeing. They never would have thought that this could have happened to American citizens. 'Katrina: Eyes Have Not Seen, Ears Have Not Heard' helps provide some type of closure for those that are from the Gulf Coast and others who still have questions on their minds as to what happened."

Combining a thorough history of New Orleans with personal testimonies from the residents that lived through Katrina and its aftermath to tell the tale, "Katrina: Eyes Have Not Seen, Ears Have Not Heard" is at once heartbreaking and alarming. As a native of New Orleans, Richard has an intimate knowledge of life in this vibrant city before Katrina hit and its history, offering insightful glimpses into the very seeds of racial discontent that would erupt during the summer of 2005. Richard supplies readers with historical fact and statistics that make persuasive arguments to the reality of racial prejudice in New Orleans and how racism affected the tragic outcome of Katrina.

Sure to spark debate and further thought, "Katrina: Eyes Have Not Seen, Ears Have Not Heard" is both a deliberate unmasking of the events as they happened through the words of those that endured the tragedy and a tribute to the resilience of the city of New Orleans and its people.

Gavin Richard was born in New Orleans and received his bachelor's degree in political science from the Southern University of Baton Rouge. He has multiple projects in the works for the future, including screenplays and shows. "Katrina: Eyes Have Not Seen, Ears Have Not Heard" is his first published book.

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