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A Process for Today's Apostles: New Book Shows Faithful How to Share God's Word More Effectively

HOUSTON, June 29, 2010 — Each of the twelve Apostles of Christ had his own personality and leadership style. Author Dr. Johnny J. Boudreaux says it should not be surprising, then, that individuals sharing the lessons of Jesus will each have his or her own way of doing it.

"Many leaders today are uncomfortable with another's approach to ministry," says Dr. Boudreaux, pastor of True Faith Missionary Baptist Worship Center and author of Developing A Process For Christian Leaders: Taking A Close Look At How And Where Developing All Begins …. "When the ministry of Jesus is the priority, leadership will have to make adjustments, as long as 'leading' is on the agenda and built into the process."

Dr. Boudreaux wants to help people realize that leadership styles must be adapted to the individual, the setting and the situation. By learning how to adapt one's leadership style, anyone can be a more effective voice for establishing the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth, Dr. Boudreaux says.

"Everyone has his or her way of doing things. Someone might be successful, but have no idea why. Or, a person might imitate the successful approach of another, yet fail. Why? Because he or she never understood the process."

He hopes to make readers feel confident enough to answer the call.

"I never cease to be amazed at how many people who say they are followers of Jesus Christ can believe that He has stopped calling leaders into His vineyards when there is so much to do. Jesus has not returned yet, but His power still generates in those who are willing to hold on to the faith."

Developing A Process For Christian Leaders: Taking A Close Look At How And Where Developing All Begins …
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By Dr. Johnny J. Boudreaux
Published by AuthorHouse
(C) 2010 Dr. Johnny J. Boudreaux
Paperback 6×9
ISBN: 9781449061944
Retail price: $15.95

About the Author

Dr. Johnny J. Boudreaux has been pastor of True Faith Missionary Baptist Worship Center, Houston, Texas, for 22 years. He is married to Deborah D. Boudreaux and has four children: Michael Moore, Tyrone, Nicole and Janesa.

Dr. Boudreaux received an associate's degree from the College of Biblical Studies in Theology, a graduate diploma from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, a master of divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (with biblical language added) and the doctor of ministry degree from Houston Graduate School of Theology, with a focus in "Planning and Developing a Core Group for Continued Church Growth."

Dr. Boudreaux is one of the lead faculty (adjunct) with the Colleges of Arts and Sciences within the University of Phoenix in humanities, philosophy, religion, history and political science. Dr. Boudreaux is also certified to facilitate classes in humanities, philosophy, religion and general studies.

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