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Preventing Operational Issues From Becoming Expensive Problems Using Real-Time Intelligent Monitoring and Alerting

MILLBURY, Mass., June 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — A major problem confronting many organizations is that they are collecting ever-increasing amounts of data about their operations but getting little actionable business intelligence in time to prevent operational issues from escalating into expensive problems.

From After-the-Fact Reporting of Errors and Mistakes To Real-Time Alerts when Problems are About to Occur

All too often operations managers only learn about problems that occurred yesterday, or the week before, by reading through voluminous reports. Most managers attempt to head-off such problems by "walking the floor" looking for problems. Even then, with a busy production operation, it is all too easy to miss issues that could have been easily fixed before they became expensive problems.

BellHawk Systems announces the availability of its BellHawk RTX real-time intelligent operations monitoring and alerting software.  RTX monitors data as it is collected in real-time by the BellHawk operations tracking software and detects impending operational problems. When RTX discovers an issue that needs attention RTX generates Email or text messages alerts to the mobile phones or other devices of the people who need to take action.

Examples of situations that RTX can detect include:

  • Available inventory of a critical part at a location has dropped below a minimum stock level and has not been replenished within a specified time.
  • A customer order will not be shipped when promised because it is held up in production.
  • Raw materials from a vendor have not arrived when promised.
  • An employee is taking longer to complete an operation on a job than was planned.
  • A machine has gone down and the maintenance technician has not arrived to fix it within a specified time.

With the increasing use of techniques like RFID and Internet-of-Things data being available from weighing scales, process control, and test equipment, the volume of data being collected by systems like BellHawk is increasing exponentially. Only through the use of technology like RTX can we make effective use of this data to enable managers to run their operations more efficiently and provide superior service to their customers.

For more information, please see a copy of the white paper "Detecting and Preventing Operational Problems using Real-Time Intelligent Agent Technology" which is available as a link from the "White Papers" tab on

For more information, please contact Dr. Peter Green, Chief Technology Officer of BellHawk Systems Corporation, Email, 508-865-8070.

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