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Polygraph Being Replaced with Newer Technology by US Law Enforcement

LEWES, Del., Jan. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Nearly 1,900 US law enforcement agencies have dropped the old polygraph in favor of the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA®) according to the National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts (NACVSA), an organization representing over 2,000 law enforcement, security and military agencies worldwide.

Starting in 1989, mostly with smaller police agencies, the switch to the CVSA includes such large metropolitan police agencies as Atlanta, Nashville, New Orleans, Miami, the California Highway Patrol, as well as many state and federal agencies. According to the NACVSA, this is due to the low cost, ease of operation, adaptability, and high accuracy rate of the CVSA. Additionally, the old polygraph has been discredited at the highest levels of government because of its many high-profile failures including: NSA defector Edward Snowden, CIA traitor Aldrich Ames, the mass murderer known as the "Green River Killer," and Defense Department traitor and Cuban spy Ana Montes.

Interest in the CVSA by government agencies worldwide has increased dramatically due to a recently published research study in the 2012 annual edition of the scientific journal "Criminalistics and Court Expertise" which reports the accuracy rate of the CVSA exceeds 95%, an assertion long made by law enforcement users of the system.

The 18-year field study was conducted by Professor James L. Chapman, the world's foremost authority on the application of Voice Stress Analysis technologies. The peer-reviewed study, titled "Long-Term Field Evaluation of Voice Stress Analysis In a North American Criminal Justice Setting" was ground-breaking in that it validated the tremendous decades-long success of the CVSA in the criminal justice system.

Further, a recently released book, "The Clapper Memo" by investigative journalist and author Bob McCarty, provides details about the failed efforts of the US polygraph community to maintain its relevancy based on the worldwide success of the CVSA.

NITV Federal Services, a West Palm Beach (FL) based company, is the manufacturer and sole source of the CVSA with the Final Analysis Confirmation Tool (FACT). FACT is the world's only patented and validated automated scoring algorithm for quantifying and evaluating voice stress analysis patterns and charts. For information on what over 2,000 agencies worldwide call "One of the most important investigative tools available today," visit, call 561-798-6280, or Email.

For further information on the NACVSA, contact the NACVSA at Email.

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