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TAMPA, Fla., June 8, 2010 — David Mendez V., CRPC, was managing clients' investments for a large firm in 2007 when he began to notice the unmistakable signs of an economy heading toward collapse. He alerted his co-workers, supervisors and clients; some chose to act, others did not. His employer, he says, instructed him to encourage clients to buy during the market's "bump in the road" decline. Horrified, he resigned.

"Short-sighted, risky behavior in the financial industry was the norm. Growth based on solid fundamentals was long forgotten," he says.

In Mendez's view, most people didn't have the information they needed to see that their financial advisors weren't making sound recommendations. That's why he decided to become an independent consultant and write "Financial Planning on Your Own: The simple way to gain control of your money and financial independence." The book is published by AuthorHouse.

"Knowledge empowers you to make a decision without doubting yourself," says Mendez. "There's no right or wrong decision, just the consequences of them. I want to help people understand their options and the consequences so they can act accordingly."

Mendez promises that his book won't make anyone rich in 30 days or tell them how to beat the market. He will, though, give them all they need to make it possible to reach their goals.

"At the end, the clients are the experts, and they know more about their business or personal lives than I do. They just lack the proper information on their financial choices."

His goal is to help ensure his clients never suffer in such a downturn again.

"If we do not help upcoming generations be better positioned to withstand the uphill battle ahead of us in the next decade or so, we won't be doing our part in transmitting our experience. And yes, we will be the ones to blame if this [financial crisis] happens again in 10 years."

The book includes an extensive glossary of financial terms.

Mendez also conducts seminars, at which he provides interactive CDs to accompany the book. Consumers who buy the book from a retailer will find a coupon in the back good for free shipping and handling of the CD ($14.99) when ordered at . They also can order the book plus CDs directly from the website for $29.99 and get free shipping and handling.

"Financial Planning On Your Own"
By David Mendez V.
Published by AuthorHouse
Hardcover ($29.99) and softcover ($19.99), each 6×9
Both hardcover and softcover available in English and Spanish
Approximately 196 pages
ISBN: 9781449031091
Available at and

About the author:

David Mendez V., CRPC(R) (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor(SM)), was born in Mexico City and lived there until he moved to the United States in 2001 to pursue professional opportunities. He graduated from one of the top universities in Latin America, ITESM (Mexico City campus), with a five-year degree in marketing and administration and later completed an MBA while working his way into the banking industry. Enduring three currency devaluations and six economic crises in Mexico gave him a cautious way of going about business. In the last seven years, he has acquired a series of certifications at the state and federal levels that made him a fully licensed financial advisor with a specialization in retirement issues and fiscal management for small businesses.

Note to editors: V. doesn't stand for "the fifth;' it stands for another last name, which he doesn't use. He prefers to include the capital V followed by a period when using his full name: David Mendez V.

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