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New Picture Book Illuminates Differences Between Metaphors and Similes

New Children's Book Reveals Figures of Speech Using Paintings

DUNEDIN, Fla., June 15, 2010 — Learning the different functions of the English language can be challenging, especially for younger children. Yet distinguishing between an adjective and an adverb or a noun and a verb is much easier than making the distinction between a simile and a metaphor. For this task, pictures can provide much-needed clarity.

Claire Janvier Gibeau offers such a teaching tool in her charming children's book, "Similes and Metaphors" (published by AuthorHouse). Combining whimsical illustrations with examples of similes and metaphors, Gibeau's book helps children distinguish between the two figures of speech. The pictures, formatted side-by-side like a comic, compare two unlike things or suggest a likeness.

Students will find many familiar phrases throughout the book. A picture depicting three friends with their arms around each other illustrates the phrase "three peas in a pod" while a man sitting in a comfortable chair in his home library demonstrates the metaphor of a "book worm." Other, less familiar examples include "he's too timid to seek the maiden's hand" and "family teamwork puts the focus on many shoulders, rather than on just one." With such a range of examples, Gibeau's book will introduce children to new concepts and broaden their comprehensive reading and writing skills.

With the publication of "Similes and Metaphors," Gibeau contributes to her series of educational and entertaining books. Her two other books on language include "Homonyms" and "Hyperbole Examples" (also by AuthorHouse). Teachers, parents and homeschoolers will find "Similes and Metaphors" a useful tool for broadening their students' knowledge of the English language.

Claire Janvier Gibeau devotes her time to writing, painting and other creative pursuits. She has taught piano for more than 40 years and has had several piano-teaching pieces published. Gibeau is the author of two novels and several children's books.

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