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A Pharmacist's Addiction: Anne D's 'Road to Recovery' from Drug Addiction Was Made All the More Rocky by Her Easy and Unlimited Access to Controlled Substances

ORANGEBURG, S.C., May 4, 2010 — The most difficult part of Anne D's job as a small-town pharmacist was not her hours or conflicts with customers and co-workers, as one might expect. Anne's biggest obstacle to overcome at work was her daily exposure to the drugs to which she was addicted.

In "The Best Pharmacist," Anne shares the painful tale of her dysfunctional childhood and her struggle with anorexia, alcoholism and drug addiction. Anne would often use double-sided tape, stuck to the palms of her hands to steal mood-altering pills from her workplace. As a result, she experienced years of blackouts, overdoses, jail time, rehabilitation and even kidney failure.

Anne's eventual sobriety was achieved through the 12-Step Program, taught by the Alcoholics Anonymous organization. Anne has remained sober through her recent diagnosis of ovarian cancer. She has been able to move on with her life, drug and alcohol-free, and re-establish many of her lost relationships.

Anne's tale is graphic and raw. She shares the most intimate details of her addiction without hesitation, in hopes that she can reach out to her readers who may be struggling with similar dependencies.

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