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'Panic Child': The True Story of Overcoming a Lifetime of Neglect and Sexual Abuse

PHILLIPSBURG, N.J., May 20, 2010 — The traumas of childhood neglect and sexual abuse are never forgotten as victims mature into adulthood. Often, these individuals fall into a life of anger, domestic violence, resentment, depression and substance abuse. In her heart wrenching and yet hopeful memoir, Panic Child, Carol D. Levine reveals her true story of a childhood filled with parental neglect, sexual abuse by a trusted family member and a traumatizing rape experience. Is there a way out of this darkness, or are these helpless victims doomed to a downward spiral through life?

Panic Child chronicles Levine's ascent from the dark depths of this terrible childhood to a life of service to children who suffered their own similar nightmares. The strong and steady voice of Levine is a powerful reminder that no one should feel the need to repeat the sins of those who harmed them. With a strong support system and the will to overcome trauma, victims of this abuse can heal from the deepest wounds and live loving, healthy, productive lives.

When asked of her motivation in writing this book and what she hopes readers might garner from reading her work, Levine explains, "I am a survivor of sexual abuse and neglect. For many years I suffered from panic attacks and other Post Traumatic Stress Disorders that created a very negative impact on my life. I want to create public awareness of how a survivor truly feels after living a life similar to mine. I also want people to demand better laws for their state to help protect the innocent. Rape and molestation can happen to anyone at any time. With better laws demanding that molesters and rapists be incarcerated for a long time to life, this in itself will help. If Panic Child helps create tougher laws against sex offenders, and helps any victims overcome the stigma of having been abused, justice will be served, and the healing of victims will create satisfaction in my heart and soul."

Levine's work demands a call to action from our government to protect innocent citizens from these tragedies; enacting laws in all states such as the well-known Jessica's Law, originating in Florida in 2005, is a start. Panic Child is sure to touch the hearts of abuse victims, their families and friends, or anyone with a drive to help others in need.

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About the Author

Carol D. Levine brings to this book her experience as a correctional officer in a youth detention center, a counselor in an alcohol and drug detox facility and methadone clinic as well as a psychiatric technician. Levine also volunteered in the Rahway Lifers Scared Straight program and worked as a volunteer with at-risk youth. A wife, mother, grandmother, housewife and survivor, Levine currently resides in New Jersey.

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