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'Only His Sheep Will Raise Their Heads': New Study of End Times Revisits Scripture for a Better Understanding of Prophecy

BRANSON, Mo., May 14, 2010 — The thought that the end is near is a haunting one, and many of us are brought to consider what answers lie in God's holy word. Nelda Larson and Janette Trost sought out these revelations from the pages of the Bible and have compiled their findings in their new book, "Only His Sheep Will Raise Their Heads: End Times Study" (published by AuthorHouse).

"Man today is looking for someone to come and shape up the chaos that is there," writes Larson and Trost. "It will not occur till the Prince of Peace comes and then this earth will have peace. In the meantime there will be wars and rumors of wars. He said in the midst of it, don't be troubled. … The Bible says that the economy will get worse and we say, 'My economy won't get worse, it will only get better!' Do you hear what I am saying? I don't live off of the world's economy. I live off of heaven's economy. Heaven doesn't have recession or inflation. We are in the world but not of it."

Using the Scripture in the books of Daniel, Matthew and Revelations, Larson and Trost explain the final days of the world just as the Bible does. They conclude that soon, Jesus will descend on the world, and "just His sheep will raise their heads to answer Him." Larson and Trost recontextualize biblical prophecy and stories of the Rapture from the vantage point of the contemporary church, noting its proximity to prophecy in biblical time.

The book is a fascinating interpretation of the scriptures from two women with years of experience in the church. Their translations are clear and easily applied to modern life. "We endeavor to gain a true understanding of the real God as He has revealed Himself through the men of the Bible," they say.

"Only His Sheep Will Raise Their Heads" is a re-examination of the Bible, a peek into the future of mankind and a spiritual explanation of God's word from a perspective that readers will never forget. Larson and Trost have revealed the true presence of God and clarified his word by translating it to reveal a striking prediction of the end of life as we know it.

About the Authors:

Janette Trost is the eldest daughter of Nelda Larson. While attending nursing school Nelda met and married her husband, Louis, with whom she shares four children. Trost and her mother have collaborated for many years on Bible studies and classes, enlightening and shaping new believers with their biblical instruction.

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