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'No Safe College': Mother Shares Freshman College Experiences With Daughter in New Coming-of-Age Novel

CAMARILLO, Calif., Aug. 18, 2008 — Peer pressure. Choices. Drugs. Alcohol. Sex. These are but a few of the dilemmas facing college freshmen today, and they provide the riveting fodder for "No Safe College" (published by AuthorHouse –, the new coming-of-age novel by Ruth Truman.

Set at Callegua College, a religious school in Middle America, "No Safe College" opens in the present day with young Jennie preparing to leave home for her freshman year. She confronts her mother, Joan, who also attended the college in the 1970s, who shares the story of her freshman year. Joan's retelling of the events of her first year on the Callegua campus make up the majority of the story.

A generally quiet, reserved, polite girl, Joan is overwhelmed as she arrives on campus. Already exhausted and out of her element, she is taken aback upon meeting her roommate, Sue, an outgoing, fast-talking girl who immediately asks Joan for a cigarette and pelts her with questions:

The door slammed shut and Joan laid there – stunned. This was supposed to be a Christian college. At home she wasn't even allowed to talk to girls like Sue, and now she was going to live with one! There must be a mistake, or maybe she was judging her too quickly. After all, a lot of people in her church at home smoked.

Two other girls, Trisha and Angie, are Joan's suite mates. She has much more in common with these two than Sue. Trisha is an ardent Christian who keeps busy with clubs and activities, and Angie is a well-rounded, intelligent, attractive coed who seems to have it all together.

Joan, Angie and Trisha have to deal with Sue's risky behavior and questionable choices. Sue manages to put Joan in several compromising situations not at all unfamiliar to many college freshmen. Will Joan be corrupted by Sue's influence, or does she just need to lighten up a little bit? Discover how she copes with drinking, drug use, sexual assault and more in the pages of "No Safe College."

Ruth Truman has worked as a teacher, college counselor, and university administrator. She holds a bachelor's degree in education, a master's degree in counseling, and a Ph.D. in higher education. She has led spiritual life retreats across the country, been a guest on television and radio programs, and served on boards and agencies of the California-Pacific Conference of the United Methodist Church and local churches. A singer and pianist, Truman has performed in local theater and served as a soloist in church choirs and other venues.

Truman is the author of six other books: "Not Of This Fold" (1stBooks), "To Life! A Book of Poetry and Songs" (also published by AuthorHouse –, "How To Be A Liberated Christian" (iUniverse), "Spaghetti From The Chandelier" (iUniverse), "The Mission of the Church College" (UCLA School of Education), and "Underground Manual For Ministers' Wives and Other Bewildered Women" (iUniverse).

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