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'No Greater Sacrifice: A Son's Model to Success': The True Story of a Young Hispanic Widow Raising Her Family of 10

SAN ANTONIO, June 10, 2010 — The struggles of a single mother are vast and understandably overwhelming. In his new autobiography, titled No Greater Sacrifice: A Son's Model to Success, Armando Garcia describes the journey of a large Hispanic family being raised by their steadfast and optimistic single mother, Dolores L. Garcia.

Dolores became both a widow and a single mother to 10 children at the young age of 30. Because her husband had been a good provider to her and her children, Dolores had led a very sheltered life up to this point. Because her husband did most of the shopping, she didn't even know how or where to buy groceries for her family. Now the sole provider for her large family, Dolores lived in government-assisted housing and worked two jobs just to make ends meet. Within five years, she was able to buy both a house and a car. The spirit and strengths she possessed were passed on to her many children, one being the author of this book.

Their beginning was no different than many others in the predominantly Hispanic community of Laredo, Texas. However, most families were so busy making ends meet that they couldn't get out of the vicious cycle they unfortunately found themselves in. Luckily, Dolores had a three-part formula to succeed: work hard, plan for the future and never let go of your dreams. This plan gave a five-year-old boy named Armando great success throughout life. Under the guidance of his mother, he began selling limes on a street corner in Laredo at the age of six. This boy grew up to become a very successful businessman in both the meat and real estate industries.

When asked of his motivation for writing this book, Garcia states, "Love, be there, and enjoy your parents for as long as God blesses you with them. Do not wait for them to ask for help, find out what they need and want. They are too proud to ask their children for help even when they need it the most. I wrote this book to honor my mother. Her life lessons, scruples, and standards have helped me to become the successful and happy person that I am today."

No Greater Sacrifice: A Son's Model to Success is a story that will affect every reader in some way and help them cope in facing adversity. It is a story that proves that there is such a thing as the "American dream." For more information on Armando Garcia and his new book, please visit .

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About the Author

Garcia, USAF Veteran, was born and raised in Laredo, Texas. He graduated from Laredo Junior College with an Associate Degree in Business. From the age of six and on, Garcia had many jobs working during weekends, during summer school vacations, and at every opportunity he had. Since 1982, he has owned and operated a Meat Trading Company. In addition, Garcia is the owner of a real estate company and is an active real estate investor. He is married and has four children, four grandchildren and one great granddaughter. He and his wife are very active in their community.

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