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NHV Offers High-Quality Natural Pet Products for Innovative Health Treatments

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — NHV is a company that strives to provide the highest quality of natural products for your pets. If you have a pet, and are astonished by the low-quality food and materials that are sold in your average grocery store, and are looking for something that can greatly improve the health, and overall life of your animal, you may want to look into the products that are offered by NHV as they are all natural and very high in quality. They offer a wide range of all-natural products to ensure that your pet has the utmost health that it deserves.

Cancer Treatments

The company also offers ES Clear, an all-natural supplement that is utilized to help treat cats, dogs, and other animals that have cancer. ES Clear helps to manage the symptoms of cancer in different animals, by promoting and improving quality of life, helping the healing process of your pet with increased energy during this time span and also boosting the immune system of the animal. It is a well balanced, dietary supplement that can help to improve the overall immune efficiency of the animal, and also help to ensure that they have energy, even when they are burdened with such a terrible disease.

Liver Disease

The company also offers high quality milk thistle, which is used for dogs with liver disease. Milk thistle has a number of different benefits, including the detoxification of the liver by removing many of the toxins plus it's ability to improve the overall function of the liver moving forward, and supports the regeneration of the liver, allowing it to nurse itself back to health. Taken from artichokes, milk thistle is also recommended to humans that are looking to improve their liver function, and alleviate the symptoms of liver problems such as the loss of overall appetite, ongoing weight loss, diarrhea, and other neurological problems that become present when the liver has been damaged or has some sort of disorder or disease.


The company also offers a number of ointments, which can be applied to the skin of your animal to help to alleviate rashes and other unfortunate skin conditions. The ointments provided by the company contain ingredients that are suitable for humans and dogs, in an effort to alleviate skin conditions and issues. If you are looking for a high-quality alternative to some of the products that are sold in your local grocery store or from your veterinarian, NHV is able to provide you with the highest quality products that can improve the overall life and health of your dog.

If you are someone that has become tired of the low-quality products for animals in stores, utilizing a company such as NHV to gain access to high quality products, will allow you to improve the life of your beloved furry friend.

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