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Mythbusting: All Sleep Is Not Created Equal

Sleep Expert Busts Common Sleep Misconceptions

WILSON, N.C., May 13, 2010 — Dr. Mark Hooper, creator and founder of My Ideal Pillow, the nation's only pillow designed by a medical practitioner, helps bust myths and misperceptions about sleep. "People emphasize the importance of diet and exercise for good health, but sleep is often ignored or brushed aside. Yet you have more power over regulating a proper sleep environment than you realize and it too contributes to better health overall," said Hooper.

Myth 1: All sleep is created equal

You might not be awake, but closed eyes plus a prone position doesn't equal the right kind or proper amount of sleep. Eight hours of restlessness is neither restorative nor refreshing. "Think of poor sleep like junk food," said Hooper, "bad for your body, bad for your health." The right mattress, bedding and pillow selection can go a long way to helping create the right sleep environment.

Myth 2: Quality is better than quantity

This myth of quality time versus quantity is a fallacy. The number of people who can survive and thrive on only four to five hours of sleep is rare. "When quantity is lacking, the body's immune system is weakened," said Hooper. "Both short- then long-term health issues develop such as cold and flu, high blood pressure, negative mood and behavior – or worse – diabetes or other serious problems."

Myth 3: Older Americans don't need as much sleep

Sleep patterns might change with age but the amount of sleep required doesn't. Adults need seven to nine hours of restorative sleep daily. Older adults might have a shallow sleep pattern or wake more frequently; however, proper mood and mental alertness relate to getting the proper amount of sleep daily. "Depression is an increasing problem with older Americans," said Hooper, "and mood and emotions are greatly affected by proper sleep. Other side effects of poor sleep habits are fatigue or loss of mental acuity. Older Americans should incorporate a nap as part of their daily routine to get the sleep they require."

Myth 4: TV and computers help me relax

When at all possible, the bedroom should be used for sleeping, not work or entertainment. "Those work emails, negative news stories or action-packed dramas can all wait until daylight," said Hooper. "The idea is to relax, not stimulate your mind, worry, or lay awake configuring that next great home project you just watched on a video tutorial."

Myth 5: In this economy, bargain brands rule

The old adage "You get what you pay for" applies to bedding as much as any other purchase. Look for well-crafted, quality bedding that promotes proper sleep. "We spend hundreds on athletic shoes with the right arch support and balance for a half-hour run, but ignore our neck and spine when it comes to eight hours sleeping. The right pillow will provide support – bargain brands will not."

My Ideal Pillow broke new ground in the sleep industry as the world's first company to create a pillow designed by a medical practitioner – a chiropractor and the company's founder, Dr. Mark Hooper. It is also the first to use computer precision to customize density and support based on an individual's sleep position and body type. In addition, My Ideal Pillow works with the nation's premier bedding manufacturer for a product handcrafted in the United States out of the highest-quality fabrics, down and down alternative fills. Find out about our money-back guarantee at or call 1-888-676-4332.




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