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The Five Million Dollar Rumble: Ready for Round 2, and Future Live Internet Game Show

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Nov. 9, 2009 — A website that "rumbles" is now ready for its second round of contests, winners, and prizes. The Five Million Dollar Rumble (nickname: The Rumble 5, ), an Internet idea developed by Internet architect and entrepreneur Gregory Rzeczko, offers Internet site owners the option to purchase "rumble spots" (promotional space at The Rumble 5) in exchange for a significant boost of traffic to their websites. Visitors from all around the world will be "rumbling" The Rumble 5 website to discover new websites people are promoting, and "rumbling" Rumble 5 games for a chance to win a variety of prizes. "What's unique about The Rumble 5 is that anyone who just visits the site is already viewing promoters' websites without having to click on anything," says Rzeczko. "So far there have been over 69,000 'rumbles' and one contest winner from South Carolina, USA, and she has won a brand new Canon PowerShot digital camera."

In round two of The Five Million Dollar Rumble, Gregory has set up three new games: Slot Machine, Rumble5 Roulette, and Rumble5 BlackJack (21). "As marketing budgets are decreasing, there has not been a better time than now to purchase 'rumble spots' at The Rumble 5 to promote a website," says Rzeczko. "As more 'rumble spots' are being sold and more 'rumbles' are happening, the cost per rumble (or CPR) is forever decreasing. I estimate the CPR to be valued at less than a penny and there are live stats at the site to prove it, and with the holidays just around the corner, what better time than now to promote a website where visitors have a chance of winning cool free prizes." What is even more intriguing about The Rumble 5 is that a live Internet game show, where contestants from around the world will be randomly selected for a chance to play, is in the works and scheduled for release in the near future. "I am currently working on a live Internet game show where anyone from around the world has a chance to play with an Internet connection, webcam, and microphone," claims Rzeczko. "This may be the first of its kind and much is in the works. My mission is to obtain a great amount of online visibility for owners of websites that spend their marketing dollars on 'rumble spots' to promote their websites on the vast and ever-expanding World Wide Web."

In addition to the current "rumble" games, Rzeczko is also offering a free t-shirt giveaway to anyone who "rumbles" to the t-shirt winner page, where a form will be displayed to fill out with your name and address. The t-shirt features a logo of The Music Hutch (, a universal Internet music jukebox and repository that he has founded, where his goal is to raise five million dollars to fund this site's future expansion and growth.

To discover new websites people are promoting at The Rumble 5 and for more information about current and future contests, the game show, past press releases, video interviews, what Rzeczko's goals for The Rumble 5 are, its current status and future plans, as well as live "rumble" statistics, you may visit The Five Million Dollar Rumble website at

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