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'Men of the Compass': Fictional Tale Explores a New Twist on One of the World's Greatest Discoveries

NEW ALBANY, Ind., May 6, 2010 — Sea voyages, revenge and a magic compass drive men together and apart in Men of the Compass. A new twist on one of the world's greatest discoveries — the compass, this story explores how common enemies have the power to unite people.

Set in Ireland in 450 A.D., this fictional story tells the saga of early voyagers who dare to dream of life in New Found Land, a new and pristine land across the ocean to the west. Found in the melting pot of Ireland, the characters are voyagers by nature and fiercely independent. Dante, master of the natural world forces, is being forced out of England, and finds refuge with the diverse Irish peoples, sharing his Magic Compass with them.

In a desperate measure to acquire the Magic Compass, the Roman Nobles swallow their Christian pride and fall in league with the Pagan Warlock Druid Malroc, whom they do not like or trust. Malroc's motives to obtain the Magic Compass are much different than the Romans' motives.

"Unlike our religions, we now have common ground. I too, wish to have this magic. My sources tell me it is Calcullen, my former headmaster, who guides these ships with his Magic Compass. We have long feuded over control of our long lived order. This is my chance to strike a blow against my enemy with you as my force du jour … I will deliver the compass to you," says Malroc.

But, will Malroc pull through for the Romans? Or will his revenge crowd out all other purposes?

In his first book, D. J. Ruckman's story captures the essences of battle and kinship, trials and victories. The adventurous tale reveals the dichotomy of the human spirit through struggles between blood relatives and Christian influence during conflict-ridden times.

Media: Nine character sketches available upon request.

Paperpack, 6×9
Approximately 96 pages
ISBN: 9781449046736
$8.30 retail price
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About the Author

David J. Ruckman recently celebrated his 35th year of private practice as a professional land surveyor. He has always been fascinated by events in history that have led us to our present society. A Kokomo, Indiana native, David now resides in the hills of Southern Indiana at a wooded retreat at Stone Mountain with his longtime love and his son.

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