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Medical Business Cafe Hires the Services of Dallas SEO Company

DALLAS, March 1, 2010 — Medical Business Cafe, a site dedicated to the medical industry, has now hired the services of a Dallas-based SEO company, SEO 1 Services, in the hopes of conquering the cyber world through website optimization services. SEO 1 Services offers some of the most innovative strategies to achieve higher page rank and is confident that they will be able to raise the popularity and the number of visitors to the Medical Business Cafe.

SEO 1 Services understands the intricacies and the longstanding results that can be achieved through organic search engine optimization. The marketing director of the medical business portal reiterated that because theirs is a fairly new website they are looking for a long-term strategy that can provide their website added visibility, and he is confident that natural SEO is the way to achieve the goal. He further added that not only is organic SEO a more suitable strategy to meet their goals but also more cost-effective than PPC, which may yield quick results; however, they are often short-lived.

In order to gain a foothold in the cyber world, the company has also secured sponsorship from another medical website and provider of online doctors known as Call MD. The input of these two establishments, Call MD and Internet marketing services company SEO 1 Services, is bound to produce rave results.

Medical Business Cafe is a website that offers comprehensive information about the happenings in the medical services and products industry. The site publishes press releases and breaking news that bring to light the latest developments and innovations in the medical services industry. Apart from this, the website also boasts an impressive collection of articles on forensic medicine, health news, medical law, medical ethics, medical practice, medical marketing and nursing practice management.

With numerous medical and pharmaceutical related sites cropping up and several health care resource providers in the market, the only way to stay ahead of the competition in the medical services business is to know what your competitor is doing and the medical business portal has all the information that you will ever need.

About Medical Business Cafe:

Medical Business Cafe is an online resource guide to the medical and health care industry. The site provides the latest news and trends in the field of research, development and marketing of products and services.

About SEO 1 Services:

SEO 1 Services is a search engine marketing company specializing in online visibility solutions by increasing its clients' ranking and positioning in popular search engines. Leveraging over three decades of combined website marketing know-how, SEO 1 Services' integrated approach creates highly targeted optimization campaigns that deliver online visibility, web marketing traffic and Internet business objectives. SEO 1 Services' certified consultants drive the innovation, the proprietary technology and optimization methodologies that have delivered our clients' success.


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