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Matrix Logic Customers Are Now Able to View and Manage Documents via Their iPhones

CHICO, Calif., March 18, 2009 — Matrix Logic Corporation ( has developed a new application that enables customers to use their iPhones for accessing business papers on their Open Text eDOCS ECM solution when away from their desks. The WirelessDMS iPhone Client application is compatible with both the Apple iPhone and the iPod touch, and is available at no cost from the iPhone App Store.

Once the client application is downloaded onto an iPhone, it accesses documents through a network connection with a WirelessDMS iPhone Server module that can be purchased and installed on office servers. "As far as I know, this is the only application of its kind for any document management system," said Stephen Page, President of Matrix Logic. "Its development is part of our commitment to enabling users' access to crucial information anytime, anywhere."

With just a few finger taps, iPhone or iPod touch users can employ features such as Recent Edits, Quicksearches and scaling or rotating capabilities. "The iPhone comes with the ability to view Office documents, PDFs and images. We handle all other file types by sending them in HTML format," explained Page. "That ensures that users can view anything." The WirelessDMS iPhone Client also has full contacts integration on the iPhone, so in addition to viewing documents, users can e-mail them as attachments or references.

"Now, if you're out of the office when a client calls with questions about a proposal that's on your office server, you can use your iPhone to search for the file and view the text as you discuss it," said Page. "You don't have to rely on your memory, wait until you're back in the office, or find a wireless network in order to log into your office system from your laptop."

"Another benefit is that it's now extremely easy for iPhone users to e-mail files when traveling or just on the go," continued Page. "If you forget to take along a document, you don't have to wait for someone to fax or e-mail it. In both cases, you just whip out your iPhone."

The Open Text eDOCS solution is appropriate for organizations of any size and allows lifecycle management of content for the enterprise. Matrix Logic offers a one-time license purchase fee for the DMS server and an annual charge for a Software Subscription Service (SSS), which provides users with software updates and technical support.

Released on January 20, 2009, the WirelessDMS iPhone Client is part of Matrix Logic's Wireless Document Management Suite (WDMS) of applications, which allows users to access office content from a variety of handheld or wireless devices. The client application requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update, and the WirelessDMS iPhone Server is available for purchase from Matrix Logic. For more information about the WirelessDMS iPhone Client, visit


Stephen Page
Matrix Logic Corporation

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