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Lucent Advertising, LLC Introduces Segway(TM) Advertising Chariots and Billboard Trailers

Company helps clients monetize their Segway fleets

COSTA MESA, Calif., Aug. 24, 2009 — Consumers today are conditioned to look past traditional advertising. They flip past magazine ads, ignore static billboards, change stations when radio ads come on, recycle junk mail without opening it and end up annoyed with Internet banners and pop-ups. People with DVR tuners can now fast-forward through television commercials. So how can a business cut through the clutter and reach potential customers?

The answer, says Lucent Advertising, LLC (LucentAds, Think way outside the box. Take advertising out where people are. Use advertising media that turns heads. And that's just what LucentAds offers with its Segway(TM) advertising products and accessories.

"With tools like custom Segway advertising chariot shields, non-spinning advertising wheel covers, Segway billboard trailers, concession trailers and wagons, LucentAds brings our clients' brands to consumers in a fun new way," stated Edmund Karam, president of Lucent Advertising, LLC. "Our Segway advertising products actually draw crowds because they're unusual places to display ads. People want to see more. That's something conventional advertising media just aren't able to do."

Segway chariot shields and custom graphic-wrapped Segway concession trailers round out the advertising options from LucentAds. All products and accessories are manufactured in the U.S. by Lucent Advertising ( LucentAds' advertising Segway shields are of the highest quality workmanship and materials; the ABS plastic advertising shields have an ultra-smooth surface to allow repeated placement of high-resolution graphic wraps. Segway advertising shields even come with the exclusive LucentAds media tray, making it simple to hand out product samples and literature.

The Segway billboard trailer is the newest LucentAds product. Easily maneuverable even in crowded spaces, the trailer is sized to showcase a four-foot-by-four-foot lighted media display. The trailer includes an internal lighting system with a built-in rechargeable battery to keep the display illuminated for up to 12 hours.

"LucentAds has been at the forefront of Segway advertising since the beginning," said Edmund. "We are excited to introduce our Segway advertising billboard trailer and the non-spinning wheel covers. LucentAds will continue designing innovative products to help businesses build their brands and attract new customers."

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Founded by a group of enthusiastic, creative and determined individuals with more than 33 years' combined experience in advertising, promotion, creative design, fabrication and manufacturing, LucentAds is a privately held company with offices in southern California. The company designs, fabricates and manufactures the most unique and dependable Segway advertising products in the world. To learn more, visit


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