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Local Pet Owner Warns of Cat Holocaust in Sea Bright, NJ

SEA BRIGHT, N.J., Aug. 25, 2010 — Kathleen Kalaf had two adorable cats, Simba and Asha, and they mysteriously disappeared, on different days about a week apart. While searching for her cats, she learned of some undercover operations that are currently underway in her small local beach town. Kalaf did the routine checking with the SPCA, humane society, police department and animal control with no success, but it wasn't until she connected with local pet lovers that she found out what was really going on in Sea Bright.

Kalaf said that this is a "hush-hush" operation. "Sea Bright has a serious abundance of feral cats," said Kalaf, "and some local residents are now destroying the animals themselves, and leaving poison out to kill local cats." Kalaf said that several area residents have reported this to her since learning about her loss. Hundreds of cats have reportedly disappeared or been killed by locals.

It has also been reported that in Sea Bright, at times, it seems like the number of wild cats rivals the number of residents ( According to Councilwoman Dina Long, the town has been working on Sea Bright's feral cat problem and has a grant approved to work with the SPCA on a catch, neuter and release program. However, progress has been stalled due to an objection by the Fish and Wildlife Committee, which is concerned about protecting the Piping Plover on the beach. Local officials stalled the program when the Committee said that the SPCA program would be violating an endangered species law, and possibly fined for civil and criminal penalties.

Furthermore, the Committee wants the cats relocated to a sanctuary as they are too close to the Piping Plovers. Local officials said that the federal government wants all roaming cats off the streets, beaches and waterfronts, and there are to be no roaming cats within two miles of any protected species. Local officials are seeking assistance from senators and the Department of Environmental Protection.

"In the meantime, residents have been taking the matter into their own hands. Some pet lover residents are trapping, neutering and releasing the cats back into their environment in Sea Bright, and paying for the neutering themselves, in an attempt to control the population," said Kalaf, in whom several residents have been confiding. "They are operating out of kindness. Many of these individuals are very stressed at what they are seeing from other residents, who are operating out of cruelty."

Kalaf, who is still in grief over the loss of her cats, said the situation is completely out of control. "Local residents were sharing their stories with me but were afraid to come forward, as threats have been made against them." Cat opponents have also been reported to be illegally transporting cats to a wildlife preserve in Colts Neck, NJ and to Earle Naval Base.

Laurie Garrison, SPCA Executive Director, has been involved with local officials on the grant program, and local officials said that she was hoping to avoid the present situation. Local officials even held a meeting between cat advocates and opponents in Sea Bright, but the issues remain unresolved.

Kalaf continues to conduct her own investigation into the "cat holocaust" in Sea Bright — and warns others to guard their pets. Aside from the feral cat problem, Kalaf said that at this time no measures have been taken to protect local pet owner interests from those performing the holocaust. Kalaf encourages local residents to keep close tabs on their pets, and keep them inside, and to report any evidence of animal cruelty to local police immediately. She is offering a small reward for any information about the whereabouts of her pets, dead or alive.

For photos and more information, visit , email Email or contact Kalaf at 732-933-3827.

Kalaf has been a resident of Sea Bright for ten years, and is the founder of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Atlantic Journey To Wellness, Inc. ( and the owner of Hopes Avenue, LLC (

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