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Living a Life in Harmony

Brazilian Author Releases His Newest Book on the Art of Living a Fulfilling Life

BRASILIA, Brazil, June 4, 2010 — The importance of living a fulfilling life is a theme that has launched many talk shows, best-selling books and fitness regiments. While navigating all this information may seem daunting, author Herbert Santos Silva makes it simple in his new book, "A Walk in the Garden of Wisdom: Intuitive Reflections" (published by AuthorHouse).

"A Walk in the Garden of Wisdom: Intuitive Reflections" is a collection of Silva's reflections on wisdom, values and intuition. Silva's reflections endeavor to show the reader how to listen to what the self truly wants and how to inspire a change in attitude in order to create "a new rhythm of life." The journey to a joyful life begins with intention, says Silva. "When we are happy, each cell of our body vibrates with happiness. Happiness is the access ramp to a full life. To draw this way is a matter of choice."

In "A Walk in the Garden of Wisdom: Intuitive Reflections" Silva imparts the importance of first identifying and then strengthening one's personal essence and rhythm, which are "decisive factors for a better life." On the subject of living in harmony, Silva states:

To live with rhythm is the way for less weariness. Weariness comes when we are out of the rhythm in the mind or action. To have rhythm is to know how to live with magic. Rhythm is in everything, in every moment. Rhythm enables us to know how and when to act – what to do and why to do it. Everything can be perceived when there is harmonization.

About the Author

Herbert Santos Silva is a student of Eastern philosophies and has a special love for physics. He has a background in electrical engineering and has amassed over 20 years in the study of human values, the subtle power of intuition and the precursors that lead people towards the search for happiness, love and enlightenment. Silva is the author of "Listening to the Stars" and has also published two books, written in Portuguese, in Brazil. Born in Brazil, Silva currently lives in Brasilia.

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