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LightManufacturing Marks First Shipment of Heliostats for Architectural Lighting and LEED Building Applications

PISMO BEACH, Calif., Sept. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — LightManufacturing announces the first shipment of the firm's H1 heliostat to an architectural lighting effort in Michigan. In the system, roof mounted H1 heliostats focus light onto a collector, which channels light to offices via fiber optic cable.

"This project shows how heliostats support LEED / Green Building efforts with zero emission lighting and heating," says LightManufacturing CEO Karl von Kries.

Each LightManufacturing H1 heliostat delivers over 2000 watts of heat or over 230,000 lumens of light energy to a target.  Multiple H1s can be combined into even more potent arrays. LightManufacturing claims the H1 is the most powerful heliostat available on the market, and that it offers the lowest cost per delivered watt or lumen.

Instead of fragile glass, the H1's mirror is made of thin but incredibly tough metalized plastic stretched onto an aircraft-grade aluminum frame.  The result is a shatterproof mirror that's lightweight, safe, easy to ship and setup, and reflects more energy than fragile glass mirrors.

The H1 also features an available wireless control system which lets building control systems configure, aim, and target many heliostats from a simple to use computer program. The heliostats can be aimed at any number of targets on demand. In architectural applications, this means that a heliostat array can direct energy to various windows or HVAC targets as required by changing user needs.

What can architectural customers do with LightManufacturing heliostats? Applications include simple day-lighting of dark rooms through windows, more advanced 'piped' light systems that bring light to interior rooms, greenhouse warming, steam generation for distributed heating, ice melting and parking lot maintenance, and many others. Customers range from individual homeowners to large multi-story facilities.

Beyond architectural / LEED building projects there are a host of industrial applications including plastic molding, food processing, enhanced oil extraction, and more.

"We're excited to offer the most robust, low-cost heliostat for architectural uses," says LightManufacturing CEO Karl von Kries. "We've field-proved the H1 heliostat in industrial heating systems.  Now we're making the H1 available to everyone who needs low-cost heat and light – whether they're working on a LEED / Green Building project or just want to reduce their home energy costs."

LightManufacturing's H1 heliostats are available at starting at $1349 USD.

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