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Kibow Changes Name of Flagship Kidney Function Support Product to 'RENADYL™'

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa., Nov. 8, 2011 — Kibow Biotech, Inc. (a suburban Philadelphia-based Company) announced today, at the occasion of Renal Week, it is changing the brand name of its flagship product to "RENADYL™." Formerly known as Kibow® Biotics, this patented and clinically tested probiotic formulation helps maintain healthy kidney function. At a time when there is growing recognition of the scientific and health benefits of probiotics, Kibow has opted for the name change because, under the former appellation, "Kibow® Biotics," the 100% natural product was perceived as an antibiotic drug by many consumers. The newly trade named "RENADYL™" will continue to be sold exclusively via the company's own online store ( or

Recent recipient of a US stimulus package grant and having benefited from a renewed licensing agreement for another probiotic formulation targeting animal health, Kibow Biotech, Inc. is at a pivotal point in its mission to educate healthcare professionals, service providers, and consumers about the advantages of probiotics. The Company has been developing and promoting probiotic products in support of renal health for over 12 years. In this regard, the American Society of Nephrology will be holding its prestigious annual meeting (ASN 2011 – Kidney Week) at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia from Nov. 8 – 13, 2011. Kibow will be actively participating as an exhibitor at this mega annual event with over 14000 professionals in attendance.

RENADYL™ is targeted towards kidney health and helps improve the quality of life in chronic kidney failure (CKF) persons who also adhere to their routine standardized care of treatment for their pre-existing medical conditions.

Kibow's human clinical trials, involving dialysis and pre-dialysis patients, are currently under way at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA and at Downstate Medical Center/Kings County Hospitals, State University of New York (SUNY), Brooklyn, NY. Another trial, to be conducted at Mayo clinic, Rochester, MN, is soon to begin.

About Kibow Biotech:

Kibow Biotech, Inc. is a 14-year-old R&D biotechnology company, having its operations in Newtown Square, PA, USA. The company's mission to find a simple, convenient and cost-effective worldwide solution for people experiencing kidney function problems. The company's flagship product, called "Kibow(R) Biotics," now being renamed "RENADYL™," is an orally consumable, enteric-coated gel cap product formulation that is composed of food-grade microbes ("Probiotics") which metabolize the uremic toxins diffusing into the bowel as a consequence of increased levels of these toxins in the blood. The purpose of this non-drug, dietary supplement product is to help maintain a healthy kidney function for people in need of alternative or complementary Over The Counter (OTC) products.

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