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Jump Starting Profitable Growth in Manufacturing Organizations Using Real-Time Work-in-Process Tracking Systems

MILLBURY, Mass., Aug. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Today, BellHawk Systems Corporation announced the availability of a new white paper by Dr. Peter Green titled "Jump Starting Profitable Growth in Manufacturing Organizations using Real-Time Work-in-Process Tracking Systems." A PDF of this white paper is available for download through the "White Papers" tab on the above website.

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In this white paper we look at how manufacturing organizations can jump-start their sales growth and profitability through the use of technology. In particular we look at the use of real-time work-in-process tracking technology.

Work-in-process tracking is currently performed in many manufacturing organizations using paper forms and manual keyboard data entry. This is an area that is ripe for automation, but the benefits of implementing a real-time work-in-process tracking system go way beyond simply improving the efficiency of data collection, as we will explore in this white paper.

Some of our clients have managed to profitably double or quadruple their sales within a few years through the implementation of real-time work-in-process tracking systems. Others were able to dramatically increase their profit margins. In this white paper we examine some of the ways they were able to do this.

Real-time work-in-process tracking systems can play a critical role in ensuring the ongoing success of mid-sized manufacturing operations. They are a potent competitive weapon, especially against competitors still relying on paper forms and manual keyboard data entry. They also help guard against mistakes that could seriously damage the financial status or market position of an organization. They can even prevent an organization from going bankrupt or being driven out of business by a massive recall.

For more information, please contact Dr. Peter Green, the President and CTO of BellHawk Systems Corporation, at (508)-865-8070 x301 or Email.