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New iTrueReview System Captures Real-Time Customer Feedback to Provide Trustworthy Restaurant Reviews

NEW YORK, Dec. 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — A huge lack of transparency of online business and restaurant reviews was revealed back in September 2013 when 19 companies were fined $350,000 in the state of New York for providing fake reviews on Yelp and Google. As a result of this, a new online platform, iTrueReview, has been launched for capturing customer reviews before they leave a business. It is a reversal of the usual opt-in review process, gained through direct interaction between customers and wait-staff, and is proving to be more transparent, trustworthy, and accurate, allowing companies to be instantly more reactive, which is great for business.


The iTrueReview system means that responsibility for capturing customer experiences stays with the business, instead of being left to the customer to go home, find a review website, and type up their thoughts. The opt-out process is not only more fruitful – in terms of the numbers of reviews – but it's also more balanced and more useful overall for customers.

  • More fruitful
    Customers who would normally not share their experiences are encouraged to do so as part of their engagement with wait-staff, but without the awkward face-to-face that many people fear. They don't even have to leave their full name, but if they do, their reviews will be tied to several different online places, which includes their Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.
  • More balanced
    All customers are given the opportunity to say what they thought, so the business gets to hear not only the bad reports and the glowing reviews, but also about the mediocre experiences, not normally a feature of online reviewing.
  • More honest
    Customers cannot leave a review using this system unless they are on-site. Fake, filtered and non-recommended reviews are a thing of the past.
  • More transparent
    iTrueReview is the only tailored app solution out there that can offer true transparency, and because it links directly to Facebook which is one of the most transparent word-of-mouth platforms available, it offers a double-shot of trustworthiness that both customers and businesses can buy into.

About iTrueReview

Michael Shivili, CEO of iTrueReview said, "Our goal is to be the best at online reviews and the best source for customers to go to." Having been a restaurateur for over 15 years, Mr. Shivili has taken his belief in honest business reviewing to the next level by developing this genuine table-to-online review platform.

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